Doritos, Ruffles and Cheetos might be coming to Whole Foods

People want to KNOW what's in their food. They want LESS toxins, additives. Voting with their dollars, changes are happening. 

Although Frito-Lay is a bit late to the health food craze, (why is wanting to be healthy called a “craze”) they figure it’s better late than never. And, with Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods, Frito’s all-natural brand, “Simply” seems to now have an entirely new market open to them!


“The division of PepsiCo Inc. now has all-natural versions of 11 core chip brands — including Lay’s, Tostitos and Cheetos — and it’s aiming to break out of the traditional snack aisle and get into organic grocery stores. The lineup, marketed under the name ‘Simply,’ meets all the criteria needed to be sold in Whole Foods, according to PepsiCo executive Jonathan McIntyre.” 1

For food companies, the biggest growth market right now is natural and organic food, so it’s just good business to reach an entirely new customer base.

“There’s also more pressure to get a foothold at Whole Foods during a time when Amazon is threatening to upend the supermarket industry. The e-commerce site is using the grocery chain to support its food-delivery business and looks to take market share by cutting prices and integrating online and offline operations. But the big enticement at Whole Foods remains the promise of healthful and wholesome products.

The old Whole Foods might have turned up its nose at big makers of consumer-packaged goods, but Amazon could have different ideas — especially because smaller suppliers may not be able to meet its more ambitious demands, said Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. analyst Ali Dibadj.” 2

Because people don’t associate Frito-Lay with health, “Simply” appears in capital letters above the brand logos and each “label prominently spells out the lack of artificial ingredients.”3 But, you’re still going to need to read labels and packages. Look for organic and non-GMO. We can’t turn our brains off just yet- Frito-Lay is still owned by Pepsico and we know they don’t care about health.

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