Protecting Children by Empowering Parents

Parents have authority over, and responsibility for, all decisions that affect their children. These are natural rights. I have a gut intuition as a mother that trumps any education. I know what's best for my child. I know how to care for my child. I know my children better than anyone else. When my hospitalized child was reacting to a drug and the doctors refused to acknowledge there could be an issue. I was able to utilize my parental right to refuse the drug and my daughter's health turned around. What if my authority to refuse medication and contradict standard protocol was taken away? Join the Health Freedom Movement. It's time to restore parents' authority and responsibility the government has slowly taken away.

If you had asked me 18 years ago if I wanted kids, I would've laughed in your face. Don't even ask me to babysit.
Almost 17 years ago, I sat crying looking at a positive pregnancy test. I was going to be a mother. I did not want to go through birthing a child and then being responsible for another person. Terrifying!!

16 years 15 days ago, A nurse placed my son in my arms. That changed my life forever. The greatest gift God ever gave me. I knew right then and there that I would protect and care for this precious baby the best I can.

Here I am 16 years later, 8 kids holding true to my parental responsibilities! I LOVE my kids and they're pretty darn amazing.

You can go to the library/book store and read 50 different books by 50 different "professionals" about a topic and get 50 different opinions. There isn't just one 'right way' to raise a child.

2 years ago my daughter was in a horrible bicycle accident that almost claimed her life. While in the hospital, she started showing signs of distress, hallucinating, vomiting ect. I knew in my heart she was reacting to a drug they were giving her. 

As I started questioning the doctors and nurses, what drugs was my daughter on? They would not tell me, but I was repeatedly told "it's ICU delirium" "she's going through drug withdrawals". 

I refused to accept what they were telling me. At one point the doctor told me to "go home, you need a time out". Finally, after many requests they gave me the list of drugs. I began going through each drug and the listed side effects. There was one drug that matched the reactions she was suffering. It was described as being poisoned.

Medical errors claim the lives of 400k+ people every year.

I was able to exercise my parental rights and refuse this drug. 

Within 16 hours the hallucinations stopped, shortly after that the vomiting stopped. 

The next morning a doctor came in to check on my daughter. He immediately commented "she's made huge progress in her healing, what a difference today"
My response, "That's because I did your job. I repeatedly said there was something wrong and not one of you listened to me".
A dozen doctors, nurses and pharmacists followed "procedure" that was harming my child.  
Proving that one size medical treatment does not fit all.

I have a gut intuition as a mother that trumps any education. I know what's best for my child. I know how to care for my child. I know my children better than anyone else.

You may disagree with our parenting decisions, we may disagree with your parenting decisions. Everyone has different parenting styles, is one better than the other? At the end of each day we are all trying our best, to be the best darn parents we can be, we respect and encourage each other . Do we condemn, discriminate, shun those that are different from you? How about the ability to parent our children in the ways unique to their needs creates a diverse and thriving community. Families/parents are big contributors in growing strong communities.

It's time to protect our children by empowering parents. Our authority to parent our children is slowly slipping away. Join the Health Freedom Movement protecting and defending parental rights. 

- Jaclyn L Gallion

My city has introduced an ordinance that would protect parental rights and stop government overreach. Please take a few mins, email them, encourage them to be bold! You do not need to live in the Spokane Valley to submit written support. 

If we can change a city, we can change the state! If we can change the state, we can change the nation!

Very important!!! Get those emails in.
email your support to 

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