100% Organic Wine the Way Nature Intended

100% Organic Wine the Way Nature Intended

Clean-Crafted Wine: Wine the Way Nature Intended. Wine is a tricky business. Grapes march to the beat of their own drum. The introduction of synthetic pesticides, chemical additives and sugars provide a way for wine producers to get around the natural unpredictability of grapes and promote wine that tastes the same, bottle after bottle, year after year. Unfortunately, chemically altered, unnatural wine is now the norm. 

Clean-Crated Wines offer a cleaner, healthier alternative. For a bottle of wine to be considered Clean-Crafted, it must be grown organically and contain NO synthetic pesticides, chemicals, copper sulfate, or added sugars.  Scout & Cellar is a wine company that curates small batch, hand crafted wines from around the world. Every wine sourced is independently lab tested and guaranteed to be free of over 300+ FDA approved chemicals and pesticides, including Glyphosate.  We have done the research so you can enjoy wildly delicious with the peace of mind that it is chemical free and 100% natural.


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