15% of the chemicals in our personal care have NOT been tested for safety

The science is there. The awareness is not. Let's talk. This Johnson & Johnson product right here is rated a 10 for carcinogenicity, developmental & reproductive toxicity, and ranks high for allergies & immunotoxocities. We're bathing babies in cancer causing products and killing their fertility. There is NO ONE testing these products for safety before they go to the shelves. Less than 15% of the chemicals in our personal care and cleaning products have been tested for safety. We think if a product is on a store shelf then it must be safe, right!? Surely, they wouldn't allow chemicals that cause cancer in products we use on our babies, right!? Wrong! #KNOWBETTER #DOBETTER

This app is ThinkDirty available for Android and Apple products.

We also use EWG homeguide to research products BEFORE we go shopping so we know what to look for or ask for if we don't see it on the shelf. 


New Chemicals: Sell First. Test later?

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