Tuesday Jan 23, 2018 Senate Committee To Address Illegal Vaccine Exemption Form

The Senate Health and Welfare Committee will once again have the opportunity to address the discrepancy between the statute and the rule created by Health and Welfare Department regarding the Immunization Exemption Form. There are two statutes, one for schools, one for daycares regarding vaccine exemptions in Idaho. The statutes require a signed statement from a parent or guardian when invoking religious or philosophical exemption. The state health department, when writing the associated administrative rule, took it upon themselves to add that the parent statement 'must be on a form provided by the dept.' Then they created an intrusive, incriminating form that asks for confidential medical information.

Health Freedom Idaho worked diligently last year to educate Senators about the violation of statute created with the IDAPA rule. This became a serious issue when a school denied entrance to a kindergartner, after a parent's signed statement was provided, but not accepted by the school office. Many more parents have also stated that they were coerced into vaccinating their children after receiving form letters created by Health and Welfare for school use
This bill adds a sentence to each of the statutes clarifying that the parent statement is not required to be made on any particular form from anyone, a simple letter from a parent is sufficient.Health Freedom Idaho is resolved in stopping the deliberate attempt of the Health Department to violate parent's authority to make health care choices and to protect the privacy of the medical information for their children. 

Please join us for this Senate Health and Welfare Committee hearing in room WW54. HFI will again be presenting a Routing Slip attempting to clarify Idaho Code 39-4802. We need strong attendance of parents and citizens. This is the first hearing on this issue in 2018, it is important we show our legislators that many Idahoans are affected.

Keep in mind this bill does NOT change statute, it simply clarifies it so that the Health Department can't manipulate parents into signing an incriminating form and disclosing their child's private medical information.This bill adds a sentence to each of the statutes clarifying that the parent statement is not required to be made on any particular form from anyone, a simple letter from a parent is sufficient.

If you are unable to attend in person please take a moment to CALL or EMAIL the Senators on the Health Committee and let them know that this proposed legislation is necesarry. It is important that a Department of the state is not granted authority OUTSIDE the realm of the statutes that are voted upon by our elected officials. The IDPA rule allows the Health Department to circumvent statute and make up their own laws. 

Health and Welfare
West Wing #54

Chair – Lee Heider- (208) 332-1347
Vice Chair – Mary Souza - (208) 332-1322
Fred S Martin - (208) 332-1407
Abby Lee - (208) 332-1325
Mark Harris - (208) 332-1429
Jeff Agenbroad -  (208) 332-1329
Antony Potts - (208) 332-1313
Dan Foreman - (208) 332-1405

Maryanne Jordan - (208) 332-1352

Here's a quick COPY AND PASTE LIST to help you send ONE EMAIL to all the Legislators.

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Send a special THANK YOU to Senator Foreman for sponsoring this legislation. [email protected]

There likely will not be public comment allowed, this will be the hearing that determines if the committee allows the Routing Slip to be printed as a Bill. Feel free to bring your children if needed! It is good for the committee to see the faces behind the issue.

Committee calls to order at 3pm, but please be early in the event there are more attendees than seats.

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