36% of Idaho Water is Contaminated

Did you know that 32% of Idaho's citizens are forced to drink water contaminated with a known neurotoxin? 16 YEARS ago, scientist declared that fluoride does NOT help with tooth decay. 2 years ago, scientist declare #Fluoride is a #Neurotoxin! Our communities still ADD IT to the water! Its DOES NOT HAVE to be that way! Local communities have the power to stop add fluoride to the water. 


Local communities make decisions to add or remove it from the water. Take a look at your water supply!
Join your neighbors and get the City Council to stop the contamination of your local water!
Don't wait for someone else!
Of course you can get a fluoride removing filter for yourself, but what about when your kids go to school and drink from the fountains. What about the local restaurants that serves you a glass of iced water?  Protect your WHOLE COMMUNITY! 


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