5G, Coming Soon to a Light Post Near You!

5G, Coming Soon to a Light Post Near You!

Proponents of 5G claim it will revolutionize the way we live our daily lives.  An integral part of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), it promises to deliver lightning fast download speeds, provide streamlined maintenance of all appliances in your home, bring more efficient and cutting-edge medical services to the marketplace, enable driverless cars, integrate entire cities into ‘Smart Cities’, and a whole lot more most of us can’t even comprehend.

But at what cost will these conveniences come?  What consideration has there been on blanketing our towns with these millimeter waves of radiation? 

5G is the fifth generation of communication technology.  Currently, we use 4G.  So when your cell phone connects to the cell tower, that’s 4G technology.  5G will use radio frequency radiation in a significantly higher magnitude and will be able to communicate with nearly everything that works on wireless communications (think Wi-Fi, driverless cars, your phone, smart appliances, and new technology like robotics, smart pavement, systems that connect entire buildings, and much more).  Check out this short video to learn the basics.  

While all this may sound impressive, thousands of scientists, medical doctors, and researchers around the world are expressing grave concern over this rollout.  There is no shortage of documentation linking EMF exposure of these types with a plethora of health effects.  Refer back to this article if you need a primer on EMF’s and how they affect our biology.  

Currently, our cell phones use frequencies in the 800MHz or 2700MHz range.  For reference, our bodies own electromagnetic frequency is around 60-70Hz (hertz).  Our Wi-Fi routers use frequencies from 900MHz-5.9GHz.  That’s 900Megahertz up to 5.9Gigahertz of radiation that we are voluntarily exposing our bodies to around the clock.

It really should be common sense that exposing our bodies to radiation 24 hours a day is simply NOT a good idea, yet our addiction to this technology is strong. 

If you need more evidence, check out this study where Dr. Martin Pall lays out compelling evidence for the neuropsychiatric effects of EMF’s.   Or perhaps you’ve heard about cell phone use and the risk for brain tumors.  This ten-year study found a 40% increase in glioma among cell phone users.  In this video, Dr. Devra Davis highlights numerous health implications resulting from EMF’s, including breast cancer, infertility, cognitive decline, fetal development, and even environmental impacts and damage to honeybees.   The bottom line is, excessive exposure to our modern technology is causing negative health symptoms for millions of people across the world not to mention the environmental impact.  

And when 5G is up and running, our exposure will increase to a degree we can’t even fathom. 

5G will use higher frequency millimeter waves; because these waves are shorter, they will not be able to travel very far.  Because of this, millions of ‘small-cell’ antennas will need to be installed for connectivity and to reach the devices inside your home.  This means installing several antennas on each residential block, potentially on every light post on your street.  The obvious problem here is that you will not be able to avoid this exposure.  These high levels of radiation will be able to penetrate your home, whether you consent to it or not.  Everywhere you go you will be blanketed in these frequencies.  Right now, 5G plans to use frequencies from 24-86GHz (depending on what source your read, frequencies could be higher or lower).  As we approach this millimeter wave range, the biological impact it has on our bodies is of even greater concern than the already problematic frequencies we use for cell phones and Wi-Fi.

If many of us are already having health problems from our cell phones and Wi-Fi, what will happen when we’re exposed to 5G frequencies in this millimeter wave range that we will be unable to avoid?  In addition to the plethora of health problems we already face from our EMF exposure, we will likely see significant increases in severe eye and skin conditions due to the way millimeter waves behave.  See this article and this scientific study for more information.  We will also see an increase in the symptoms and health issues we face from our already excessive radiation exposure.

This should cause alarming concern for anyone that is at all concerned with their health or their civil liberties.  With the proposed ‘smart-cities’ and intertwined IoT, there will be literally nowhere on earth we can go to avoid this exposure.  This will impact each and every one of us directly.  Dr. Martin Pall does an excellent job of summarizing 5G as ‘absolutely insane’ to the National Institutes of Health in this video.  We would have to agree.

We cannot wait around from ‘someone’ to do ‘something’.  There is too much at stake.  We must act NOW if we want to protect ourselves from this atrocity.  It will take all of us to stand up against the communications industry if we want to have a chance.  We CAN do it, but we need your help.

The first thing you can do is call your City and State officials and express your concern about the sheer lack of safety research done regarding 5G. There has in fact, been NO safety research done on 5G technology. While the industry claims that ‘safety is paramount’, they admit to conducting no research on the safety of the proposed technology.  Watch this video of Senator Blumenthal questioning industry representatives.   If you haven’t done so already, send a letter to your congressperson expressing your concern over 5G here: http://advocacy.nlc.org/app/onestep-write-a-letter?0&engagementId=495854

Second, you can download the 5G ‘What You Need To Know’ information sheet to learn more, and if possible, distribute the 5G neighborhood flyer to raise awareness in your neighborhood. 

Lastly, a group a concerned citizens from the Boise area has formed to talk about 5G and implement strategies to prevent it from being installed in residential areas.  If you would like to be part of this group, please contact us and we will send you information about the next meeting.   This may feel overwhelming for you now, but when we come together, we can affect change!

Before Small Cells – sample letter for sending to neighbors to raise awareness

5G: What you Need To Know information sheet

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