88% of Idaho Eat Organic Foods

88% of Idaho Eat Organic Foods
HFI: Health Freedom means being able to choose quality foods supporting the immune system. Once found only in health food stores, organic food is now a regular feature at most supermarkets. People are concerned about toxins used in food production. They are concerned about the affects of chemicals and GMOs on their health. Where do you shop for your local organic, non-GMO and pesticide free produce? 

Organic Trade Association reports that organic foods now occupy over 80% of United States kitchens. It used to be taboo to correlate the cleanliness of food with health, but times have changed. Consumers have caused increased accessibility and affordability of organic foods, but a need remains for increased organic food production in America.

Conventional food producers say their products are safe, but the dangers of Round Up and other chemicals in food production are well known. The disease-stricken United States population has realized that conventional foods and dietary guidelines failed them. However, the word is out that organic foods make people feel healthier.

Customers are the bottom line, and stores have been reacting to sales accordingly. Robyn O’Brien reports “Target, Costco, Chipotle, Kroger, General Mills and Cheerios have responded to this demand for “free-from” food and are producing more foods free of allergens, artificial dyes, GMOs and artificial ingredients.” Although under scrutiny, organic foods are even available at Walmart.

The higher prices of organic food invites dishonesty in food production and sales. Fraud risk is greater when food is imported.Recently, 36 million pounds of conventional soybeans and corn shipped from overseas were labeled and sold as organic.

Hopefully, increased organic sales will increase organic food production in the United States despite the incentives of government subsidies to grow conventionally. Many local farmers use organic methods but cannot afford certification, and there is a need to better connect them to customers who are looking for organic foods. Benefits of American-grown produce include: closer observation of production and shipping, less distance traveled (fresher produce), supporting local economies, and cleaner environmental impact.

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