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You can start with this guide: and this article has links to the actual vaccines and their ingredients: 

Overzealous. As the commenter eluded, next, we won't be able to eat food grown in our own yard in soil (teaming with bacteria!) or from a seed we planted from last year's crops (non-patented). 

Another decent thing turned bad. Lily's and Theo are high-quality chocolates but now, I realize they're not so good. Eck! 

Using RoundUp as a harvest dessicant for grain and beans should be a outlawed IMO, especially since it's proven to still be detectable in foods after processing and is directly ingested.

Thank you for sharing this news and these important petitions!

Good tip! Thanks.

Thanks for your kind words!

I have used many of these natural remedies for some time, but I'm just getting into the healing benefits of mushrooms. I'm fascinated by fungi atm. :) 

What an inspiring example of the healing power of healthy food and mindset.

Is it weird that I want dandelions to show up in my lawn now? ;-)

Impressive and somewhat sad that Idaho outranks America's heartland-farmland in organic food purchases. But the point is - the vast majority of American households do purchase organic foods and very likely want MORE choices and better prices over time.

How do you feel about ingesting essential oils?

Finally! I've been searching for a greater variety of organic wines for years. Fave varietals: zinfandel, malbec, tempranillo, chenin blanc, sauvignon blanc.

This is such a good adjunct to protecting children from toxic build-up that is inevitable for anyone living today!

EWG does a great job with their consumer apps for high and low pesticides on fruits and veg and their chemical database for personal care products.

This is pretty remarkable. Thanks for sharing!

Awesome! Thanks, Raine!

I love this story. It's just the kind of business that I want to support. And the grass-fed beef and eggs are delicious. Highly recommended and I have tried a good many brands of grass-fed beef.

One of my aspirations this year is intuitive health - balance through wisdom and intention.

I love my layers of bedding during winter: extra cozy, and somehow I tend to sleep better. Now it makes more sense!

Yes, love my cultured foods. One of my fave tees that I own says: kale & kefir & kimchi & kombucha. Special K's! ;-)

Homeopathics have been "generally recognized as safe" since the late 1700s. They are not drugs and they do not need to be re-examined as to their effectiveness or efficacy. Their long history of effectiveness and non-harmfulness should confirm that.

Startling. Just the increase in aluminum in our world is shocking, and then there are so many other toxins that are being inhaled, ingested, injected and absorbed by children and adults these days.

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