A Leaf of Faith learn more about this natural, miracle plant Kratom

A Leaf of Faith learn more about this natural, miracle plant Kratom

Kratom, our Leaf of Faith, has positively affected so many people. Many have witnessed the miracles of the plant, the communities and families it has tied together, but still, so many people are unaware of what it is.Do not miss this movie premiere! FREE TICKETS.  From the director of bigger stronger faster and prescription thugs comes a leaf of faith. A look into kratom and how it is helping those addicted to opioids come off completely. Chris Bell is he takes a step back and shows the good, the bad, and the ugly of everything he researches so we as citizens can leave with an understanding far greater than we had before. So click the link and grab your free tickets for March 12, Tuesday night’s premiere.

“A Leaf of Faith” picks up where Prescription Thugs left off, as Chris embarks on a journey to end his chronic pain that had led him to opioid addiction.

 Could a simple leaf – grown in southeast Asia and sold in gas stations in America – be the miracle solution to the opioid epidemic that is killing thousands of Americans every year? Follow Chris across the globe as he learns the truth about kratom, a herb that might save your life…if the government doesn’t ban it first.


(Includes FREE Kratom Sample)


 VIP event includes gourmet appetizer buffet, desserts, kratom samples, socializing with Chris Bell & elected officials from around Idaho

 5:00 PM Doors open for VIP event & legislative reception

 5:30 PM VIP event & legislative reception starts

 6:30 PM Doors open for General Admission

 7:00 PM Movie Premiere begins

 8:40 PM Q & A with director Chris Bell and special guests

 9:00 PM Autographs and pictures

10:00 PM Event concludes



“Kratom is an amazing plant! It has helped me with chronic pain from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. ” – Dianne

“Kratom gave me back the life I once had and made me a better mother, wife, person & trusted employee! My family wouldn’t be where it is today without Kratom. ♥️

“Kratom is an excellent tool for achieving and maintaining sobriety. I discovered it a little over 5 years ago during an internet search and it gave me what I needed to live an honest & productive life. I worked my income up to $21 an hour (from $9.50), secured half custody of my daughter, & reconnected with my family. 
I thought I would never get out of the deep hole that I dug myself into. Thanks to kratom my life continues to improve every day! 
I have been educating those in need throughout my community for years and I will continue to do so.
Thanks A Leaf Of Faith for spreading the word.” – Joshua

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