A Strong Defense for Health Freedom

A group of citizens came together to form Health Freedom Idaho out of desperation. Several of us had made attempts to influence legislation on our own and found that our well-constructed arguments fell on deaf ears. We decided to form as a group of concerned citizens in order to educate the public and grow membership so that we can show the legislature how very important health freedom and parental rights are to their constituents.
In order to ensure that our principles and rallying cries were well-founded, we set out to educate ourselves on our Constitutional Republic and how to defend it. We researched to find the legislators that support liberty and created relationships with them. As a result, we have earned their trust by providing strong, defensible, and accurate information. Through that. we have emboldened these legislators to stand for health freedom because they know that they have sound facts and a community of supporters behind them.

Miste Karlfeldt
Executive Director & Founder, Health Freedom Idaho

This article originally appeared at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkVbpXXVYko.

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