A Call for a Separation of Pharma and State

A Call for a Separation of Pharma and State

From the public comment segment of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Board meeting to vote on adding additional vaccine schedules to the current CDC schedule.

“My name is Jaclyn Gallion. I am on the board of Informed Choice WA, I represent 1000’s of parents and citizens across the state of Washington who are done with following or trusting anything coming from ACIP.

You recently recommended two vaccines with new adjuvants that were never safety tested with other adjuvanted vaccines, admitting that in the real world, they would likely be administered with other vaccines–and you had no idea what sort of reaction that would cause. After your unanimous vote, you discussed safety signals that had appeared in clinical trials, and you said you would be watching postmarket reporting for reactions. 

That postmarket surveillance is us, the public, and we did not agree to participate in safety trials. No warnings are being given to people receiving these new vaccines. You simply handed the American public over to the pharmaceutical company like dispensable guinea pigs.

These are just two recent examples of how you are putting our lives, and our children’s lives, in jeopardy. It is well known that someone with mitochondrial impairment is more likely to have a vaccine adverse reaction that gets out of control and ends up causing severe injury, even autism.
Former CDC Director Julie Gerberding– now at Merck — admitted this on TV, so did Dr. Kelley and Dr. Zimmerman from Johns Hopkins, recently under oath. Children with mitochondrial impairment are at risk of vaccine injury leading to autism and other chronic disorders.

Does the ACIP work to ensure nobody with mitchondrial dysfunction is vaccinated? 

Does the ACIP recommend screening? No. You do the opposite. You say children can be vaccinated while on antibiotics — and you ignore studies that show antibiotics are one of the many drugs that are toxic to mitochondria. You ignore studies that show acetaminophen is toxic to mitochondria, and you do not warn pediatricians and parents to avoid it around the time of vaccination. Instead when vaccine reactions occur families are gaslighted and do not receive proper care to heal the vaccine injury.  Aluminum is known to be toxic to mitochondria but you allow multiple doses of vaccines with aluminum to be administered throughout infancy, and by they time they reach their 12 month or 18 month visit, the aluminum has done its damage, and the next round of vaccines sends them into a serious reaction.

So I am here today to say No. We are done. We are done with your recommendations, done with your guidelines, done with you selling us and our children to pharmaceutical companies. Before you vote on the immunization schedule recommendation changes these concerns need to be taken into account. Know this. We will not be your test subjects. It’s time the American people call for the separation of Pharma and State. 

I’ll leave you with a quote by Dr Stanley Plotkin: ‘science never completely understands anything.’ ”

And still – testimony fell on deaf ears they voted 100% in favor of additional vaccines.

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