After the death of a child HE vaccinated, Doctor loses 1.7 million in profit a year

Dr Zajac, board certified pediatrician with a background in child development as well as a business degree. In 2007, a child who received their 12 month vaccines regressed into autism. It opened his eyes to the possibility that vaccines damage. That's when he started reading about vaccines. Several years later, this same doctor had a patient DIE several hours after his shots. It was labeled a SIDS death. That lead to the transition into who he is today. In his practice, he noticed that Disease rates are higher in the vaccinated children. He speaks about the need for vaccine safety and the profit margin for vaccines. 

Physicians For Informed Consent 

Three Things needed for Vaccine Product Safety & Informed Consent: 

1. Accountability for vaccine injuries
2. Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated children
3. Controlled Studies

Profit Margins For Vaccines:  Vaccines are a BUSINESS model,  not a health model

This clinic LOSES 1.7 million each year because they do not force families to vaccinate

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