All Power is in the People. Idaho Rules Undermine Our Power.

All Power is in the People. Idaho Rules Undermine Our Power.

Rules are the way that government happens. There are 8200 pages of administrative rules. Common Core came into state through the rules. Only ONCE a year, the first three weeks Legislators have the opportunity to vote approved or deny the rule. The rules only have to have ONE BODY approve the administrative rules.

Every year the rules have to be RE-Approved. It’s called the going home bill. Every year the legislators approve each new rule- written as is. The House attempted to add an amendment, from now on, both Chambers have to approve any new rules, adjusted rules. If the rules aren’t heard – they are automatically approved.

The Structure of Power:

  • People – Citizens of Idaho
  • Legislative Branch (write bills)
  • Judicial Branch (courts)
  • Executive Branch (Elected Officials all equal in power)

Unlike any other year, all 8200 pages of rules have to be re-proposed as temporary and proposed rules.

Negotiated Rules allows the citizen to review the rules.

Search the rules.

Submitted to the public on June 1st.

Find the issue that is bugging you. This is your opportunity to send in a comment and they will take that into consideration. They have to HEAR the citizens on the rules.

Engage in the government. Maintain the Government.

This is your opportunity.

Wake up Idaho!

Are you tired of big government being involved in every aspect of your life? Here is your one-shot-opportunity to push back on 8200 pages of bureaucratic rules. These rules have the full force of law in Idaho.

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