Allergens and Vaccines

Allergens and Vaccines

Have an egg allergy? CDC has decided that a flu vaccine contaminated with eggs is ok. CDC, the doctors nor the pharmaceutical company isn’t liable if your child suffers a reaction from the contaminated vaccine. In the vast majority of cases, the flu is not a big deal for healthy children. Whereas anaphylactic food allergies kill thousands of children every year. 

Philadelphia weatherman Adam Joseph shares that his son, who is allergic to eggs, is having an adverse reaction to the flu shot. 

Several nurses have posted that, unlike in years past, the CDC now says it’s okay to give the flu vaccine to children with egg allergies, and that “even with the reactions, getting the vaccine is still better than getting the flu.” These nurses are so blinded by dogma that they have forgotten their first responsibility, which is to be an advocate for the patient. Instead, they are now simply salespeople for vaccines, spewing the misinformation from the CDC.

The CDC owns 57 vaccine patents and buys and sells (at a hefty profit) nearly $5 Billion worth of vaccines every year. Taking advice from The CDC on vaccines safety is like believing everything a used car salesman tells you about that “little beauty grandma only drove to church on Sunday.”
Adam asked for advice.

Marcella Piper Terry’s response:
I did not have an egg allergy until after getting my one and only flu shot – which put me in the hospital for a total of 31 days; five of which were in Neuro-Intensive Care in a medical coma. Injecting food proteins into the blood stream is THE WAY to cause food allergies.
Many vaccines are cultured on food proteins, including eggs, cow’s milk, and yeast. Food proteins are supposed to go through the gut, where they are broken down by the gastric juices. When they are injected, they quickly make their way into the blood stream, where the body sees them as foreign invaders attacking the system. This is especially true when those food proteins are paired with neuro-immune toxin like mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde (ingredients in vaccines).

Vaccines are the source of many food allergies. Anaphylactic peanut allergies were basically unheard of until vaccine manufacturers started using peanut oil as an adjuvant in the 1960s-1970s. An adjuvant is something that is added to the vaccine to cause an increased inflammatory response. Unfortunately, that response primes the immune system to recognize that substance as toxic, and the immune system responds violently when re-exposed to that substance later on.

Look at the ingredients in vaccines, and also research the childhood infections they are designed to protect against.
Doing a cost-benefit analysis is something we should all be doing, if we are to be informed consumers.

Here is a list of vaccine ingredients (from the CDC website):

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