Andrew Wakefield the Anti-Vaccine Activist

Have you heard of the ‘anti-vax’ Dr. Andy Wakefield? Yeah, the one who became a world famous anti-vaccine activist. The one whose co-author was exonerated after the medical publication the Lancet retracted their study. This late 1990’s study suggested that the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine may predispose to behavioral regression and pervasive developmental disorder in children. (A similar conclusion was found in April 2018 by U.C. Davis medical researchers). The authors helped support the idea that there could a be gut-brain connection that causes the deterioration in the health of some children after vaccination. 
Some claim that Wakefield is the man who almost single-handedly launched the scare over the MMR vaccine in Britain when he published his infamous Lancet paper in 1998. They give him too much credit! It most certainly had NOTHING to do with the eyewitness accounts of the hundreds of thousands of parents who saw the regression of their children after routine vaccinations. 

If you would prefer to read about Dr. Wakefield this is a condensed well summarized article The Real Story of Dr. Andrew Wakefield by Mary Holland, JD.

The article reviews each of the claims against Dr. Wakefield with clear findings and summarizes the real intent of the multi-million dollar prosecution against him. 

If there was no scientific fraud, no undisclosed financial conflicts of interest, no ethical breaches in performing tests on sick children, and no complaints from patients or their families, then what was the big deal? Did the international scandal and multi-million dollar prosecution proceed merely to chastise a doctor for drawing blood from children at a birthday party, with their consent and their parents’ consent? Of course not.

Dr. Wakefield was, and remains, a dissident from medical orthodoxy. The medical establishment subjected him to a modern-day medical show trial for his dissent. Dr. Wakefield’s research raised fundamental doubts about the safety of vaccines and the etiology of autism. Dr. Wakefield was punished for his temerity to caution the public about vaccine risks and to urge them to use their own judgment. Dr. Wakefield was punished for upholding vaccination choice.

Listen to an indepth interview by Del Bigtree on the fraud and lies that surround this man, his data and the damage vaccines do cause our children.

In this episode of The High Wire, Del Bigtree interviews this “anti-vax” doctor who was taken down by pharma for merely suggesting the link between vaccination and damage to a child’s gut. Shocking new information, & candid admissions, reveal the real fraud in the case of Andrew Wakefield. 


The British Medical Journal, funded by Merck and GSK vaccine manufacturers of the MMR vaccines, write a series of editorials against Dr. Andrew Wakefield accusing him of manipulating data (original source documents prove otherwise).


I’m not going to stop the work on behalf of these children. That’s why I am here 20 years later I am not going to quit. Why? Because we are winning! We are winning because the truth is coming out. Its coming out because of Vaxxed, and Del Bigtree’s High Wire, and a lot of people around the world telling the truth and deciding enough is enough. This is not the time to walk away or be concerned. – Andrew Wakefield

We are going to win and a measure of how much we are winning and how well we are winning is how angry they are. How they are forced to pass laws to mandate vaccinations here in California in order ram their belief systems and their profiteering down the throats of parents because they can’t pursue them through the process of confidence based on the science that what they are saying is true because its a lie. In the meantime, there are thousands and thousands of children being damaged as a consequence of this policy and that’s got to stop.
– Andrew Wakefield

Dell Bigtree to Andrew Wakefield: I hope that what can be revealed here can write the course of science because it was taken off course by one journalist hired by Rupert Murdock and his son involved with the very board to try and protect the company that you were investigating (essentially) and their vaccine. I hope we can get back to these 100,000 of parents that are suffering with their children with autism at all have eye witness accounts of watching the vaccine do it.

New papers are coming to the SAME CONCLUSION as Dr. Wakefield a pioneer in this connection between brain and gut. The story isn’t over…

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