Answers That Cannot Be Questioned

Answers That Cannot Be Questioned

We are in a era where medical science no longer allows raise questions about the liability-free medical product mandated by law. Those ‘brave souls’ who venture out to question the validity of the “the science is settled” Public Health slogans risk having reputations shredded.  In this recent blog post Scottish doctor, author and self proclaimed skeptic took a ‘brave’ step to bring up legitimate scientific questions against vaccination in two separate articles. 

excerpt from his article: My feeling about the vaccine debate

It is clear that, in the medical profession, there is an unquestioned faith in vaccination. That is, all vaccinations, for all diseases, everywhere – for everyone. Anyone who dares to hint that, ahem, there could be some negative issues associated with vaccination is subjected to withering contempt. ‘You will be responsible for killing millions of children.’ You don’t understand science.’ And suchlike.

When it comes to the science, it does amuse me that vaccination began before anyone understood any of the science – of anything to do with microbes and the immune system. It all began, so it is recorded, with the observation that milkmaids were much less likely to get smallpox.

excerpt from the more recent article A second look at vaccinations:

I have to say that I thought long and hard about blogging on vaccination. It is the most brutal area for discussion that I have ever seen, and a reputation shredder. If you even dare to hint that there may just be the slightest issue with any vaccine, people come down upon you like a ton of bricks.

However, as we move towards a world where it seems that all Governments around the world are going to pass laws mandating vaccination for everyone, and people are fined, or lose their jobs, for speaking out, or refusing to be vaccinated, then I feel that some attempt to discuss the area is essential.

Because, once something becomes mandatory, and any research into possible harms moves strictly off limits, we really need to be absolutely one hundred per-cent certain that there is no possibility that we may be doing harm. Or, that we are reducing any potential harm to the lowest level possible.

Read the article in full by Dr. Malcom Kendrick A second look at vaccination – answers that cannot be questioned

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