Anti Vaccine Movement is Hundreds of Years Old

Anti Vaccine Movement is Hundreds of Years Old
Suzanne Humphries, MD “The anti-vaccine movement is hundreds of years old. It heated up in the 1800s, when parents in the UK became fed up with watching their healthy infants and children become ill or die shortly after the smallpox vaccinations or get sick from smallpox anyway. .. it is clear that the issue is not ‘settled long ago, and laid to rest’ as most of the medical profession says it is. 

 A close look at medical text books down the decades reveals a very interesting trend.  In the 1920s and 30s, doctors were often quite relaxed over diseases which today are presented as more deadly than the plague.  Many grandparents today are completely bemused at the way the medical profession describes infections which were to most of them, straightforward holidays off school.

This is not stating that there were never serious consequences.  There sometimes were.  However, today, most parents erroneously believe that every child will die from diseases which most grandparents found were nuisance value only.

The medical system now considers measles more dangerous than the plague, and the most dangerous disease known to man.  Yet there is no need to be afraid of measles, because well-nourished children who get adequate vitamin A have an unremarkable course to recovery.  Boredom might be their biggest whine.

I have discovered that whooping cough isn’t something to be scared of either.  In the days when my only tool was an antibiotic, whooping cough occasionally caused me considerable concern, but not today.  I’ve watched many parents all over the world treat whooping cough very simply by using high doses of vitamin C and occasionally homeopathy. They see rapid improvement and no serious complications.  But you will not read about these cases in “peer reviewed literature” and your doctor doesn’t know about them, because sick children are the only ones counted in the morbidity statistics.  Healthy children who uneventfully recover, are not seen by the medical system and therefore are not counted.

The serious consequences from most childhood diseases comes from just a few things; infant formula, cow’s milk, common medical drugs especially antibioitcs, malnutrition, and vaccines, as well and a lack of knowledge about simple methods of home nursing.

All of these barriers to recovery are completely avoidable in the USA and many other countries and that is WHY we see so many healthy children who were never vaccinated, when we take the time to look.

See how mortality for the common illnesses had declined significantly long before the vaccines were created.

Historically, in the case of infectious diseases, good nutrition has been and still is, a major preventive factor, that has led to enormous declines of morbidity and mortality from most infectious diseases.”

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