As If We Needed More: Fumigants Turn Into Fluoride

As If We Needed More: Fumigants Turn Into Fluoride

As if fluoridated water and widespread fluoridated pesticide use like cryolite wasn’t enough, some food processors use sulfuryl fluoride as a fumigant on certain foods, and for pest prevention in warehouses and food containers. Sulfuryl fluoride breaks down into fluoride after application. 

“Unlike virtually every other western country, the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] does not require that food processors remove food prior to the fumigation. As a result, any food that is being stored in the facility during a structural fumigation will be contaminated with fluoride.”

According to EPA estimates, foods most commonly fumigated include cocoa powder (100 percent), dried beans (100 percent), walnuts (99 percent) and dried fruits (69 percent). Other “healthy” foods like brown rice are also very high in fluoride, despite only 3% of the crop being fumigated. Rice tends to have 12.5 parts per million (ppm) compared to 8.4 ppm for cocoa powder. 

Love your morning coffee? According to a 2005 editorial by the late Albert Burgstahler, PH.D., who was a professor emeritus of chemistry, “Fluoride residues in food fumigated with sulfuryl fluoride are excessively high and are at levels known to cause serious adverse health effects, including crippling skeletal fluorosis.”5

White grape juice is generally very high as well, due to the use of cryolite. 

So, whenever possible, buy organic for foods that are likely to be fumigated to protect you and your family from more toxic fluoride. 

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