Ban Lifted For Sale of Natural Alternative To Toxic Round Up

HFI:  North End Organic Nursery Boise, Idaho shared through social media, that Horticultural vinegar is a highly effective product to reduce/eliminate weeds that DOES NOT CONTAIN CANCER CAUSING GLYPHOSATE. That's when the State decided they were not allowed to sell the natural alternative product. Within days, hundred of customers and citizens alike expressed outrage at the over step of power of the ISDA. An agreement was made, and the product will return to the stores, without the label that it can be used effectively against weeds. Moral of the story...the state is watching (yes, even social media) and they are listening, to our posts, our calls and our emails. Perhaps we should begin a dialogue to REDUCE the usage of glyphosate in our public spaces!

July 14, 2017

North End Organic Nursery Boise
owner Lindsay Schramm, was SHOCKED with Kevin Kostka, an enforcement officer for State of Idaho, told her that a product known as horticultural vinegar — effective as a non-toxic alternative for battling weeds - could not be sold her her stores.

This product, sold in her store for years, has been effective as an alternative to carcinogenic weed killers containing glyphosate - such as Roundup. The State realized its effectiveness in reducing weeds, after a popular time-lapse video was shared from youtube and facebook.

Schramm shared on facebook, "This is food grade Horticultural vinegar, and just like salt, has many different uses, and we believe they are out of their jurisdiction and scope of power to tell us that we are not allowed to sell it.


“Somebody at some point stumbled across the fact that, hey, if you put it full strength on a weed, the weed dies,” Schramm said. “With all of the terrible things that are out there right now, people got excited about the possibility of using something that’s very simple, nontoxic product.

“It may not have been originally intended as an herbicide, but it just so happens to work great as an herbicide.” 

HEALTH FREEDOM IDAHO ASKS: Is the State banning and limiting the sales of probably carcinogenic products containing glyphosate? 

July 17 5:30 PM North End Organic Nursery Posted An Update: "we are desiring to work with the ISDA, not against them, and after some civil conversations we are working on a resolution. Thank you all for your support. Nothing has changed yet, but we are optimistic."

On Tuesday July 18, North End Nursery posted that they fround a place of agreement: Scramm will relabel the bottles, removing reference to use of horticultural vinegar as an herbicide, and then the department will allow the store to resume selling the vinegar.

Soon you will be able to purchase your horticultural vinegar AGAIN from North End Organic Nursery. 

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