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Do you feel motivated to help bring attention to a topic of interest, or speak out against something you don't believe in, but find it difficult to know how to help or to find the time? We get it! That's why we've created the HFI 5-Minute Activist Program. 

This is a non-obligatory opportunity to receive notifications about ways to help in the areas you're most interested in. Some people are prolific sharers, while others prefer to help more behind-the-scenes. There are options on both sides and in between. You can opt-in, opt-out, do more or do less at any time, but you're showing your support just by signing up for the program and helping propel health freedoms whenever you can. 

Please subscribe via this form to get involved. We'll send you timely notifications when there is something you can potentially do to help. We genuinely THANK YOU for your support and appreciate every action you take to help!

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