Bedke Call to Action 5 Minute Activist

Bedke Call to Action 5 Minute Activist

In a recent article in the ID State Journal, Speaker of the House Scott Bedke points to a certain group as “weaponizing” & “monetizing” the vaccine issue.
I wonder if he was referring to HFI and just didn’t want to mention our name? I wonder if he didn’t want to mention our name because people might research our mission statement and see that we are also in favor of health freedom? – Miste Karlfeldt Director of Health Freedom Idaho

Speaker Bedke accuses HFI of “weaponizing and monetizing over concerns about vaccines”. Meanwhile he’s taking $$ from ALL the vaccine makers and other pharmaceutical groups.

View HFI’s response to Rep Bedke’s comments

Read the full Idaho State Journal article
& the duplicate article posted in the Idaho press.

Follow the ! Take a look at Rep Bedke’s campaign contributions to understand where his loyalties may lie.

Contact Speaker of the House Rep Bedke. He needs accurate information regarding herd immunity, vaccine risk, lack of scientific data on vaccine safety, and what health freedom means to you. He also needs to hear from you about what is important to you this next legislative session.

Share the TRUTH about HERD IMMUNITY /the lack thereof with Speaker of the House
Vaccine-Induced Herd Immunity is a Myth
Have you seen these 1985 Statistics? Where were the Outbreaks?
Herd Immunity Presentation to the Health and Welfare Committee
Have you seen these 1985 statistics? Where were the outbreaks?
Herd Immunity
If a vaccine produces any immunity at all, why on earth does it matter if anyone else is vaccinated? If vaccines produce “immunity” to the diseases for which they are given; it should not make a bit of difference who you are around or how many in the community are vaccinated. That’s like saying my bug spray won’t work unless you wear yours.

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