Dark Places

Dark Places

The battles against freedom are ramping up to breakneck speeds. Months ago, Google changed the search parameters to reduce access to independent news sources, health freedom sites and informed consent pages. Facebook and Pinterest are blatantly filtering search results and censoring. And now AMAZON is refusing to sell books that call into question vaccine safety. Rumors are coming in from just about everywhere that we will be silences on every platform. In the fact of this, we could all use the encouragement to continue to take on the evil and to face our sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges.

It seems we live in dark places more often these days. The “herd” tries to take away our rights one minute at a time, one law at a time. But, we CAN and MUST stop – or at least slow down – their progression. Whenever one of us stands up, we encourage others to do the same. Now is the time that we MUST stand up and fight! There is no battle more important than the struggle for freedom. – Carol Dayle

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Chelsa Barlow from Texans for Choice.

I could be silent. I could let someone else handle this. It would be so simple to walk away and take care of my life in new and better ways. The business I’m building could get all the attention it needs. My kids could have a better homeschool experience. I could BE that Pinterest homeschool mom.

Instead, my voice is hoarse from shouting, and I feel drowned out. The enemy is pleased.
Pinterest is censoring vaccine choice content – calling it “self-harm” – and Facebook is threatening to do the same.

I told a man who was insisting government mandates are necessary that I would walk through hot coals to keep my right to make medical decisions for myself and my family. 

No one wants this battle! I’d NEVER choose to walk over hot coals for the fun of it. I realized he, and those who agree with him, ARE coming after my family. There is no safe bubble. They march this war to my doorsteps. They delight in throwing coals and have no problem demanding we walk over them.

Friends, meet me in the dark places. We know them too well.

The dark places where your child is permanently damaged, hope for them is so small, and life is HARD. 

Meet me in the dark places. 

Meet me at the grave site of your loved one. Remember the dark places where you were refused medical care and had no place to go. Meet me. Bring the coal they threw at you. Meet me where your bodily autonomy was violated in the name of taking one for the team. Meet me in the place where your family no longer wants you to visit because you cannot vaccinate your child. Meet me in the dark places of ignorance and hate. Meet me! Meet me where discrimination and public shame impacted your family and opportunity. Meet me in the dark places where CPS was fraudulently called on your family. Meet me in the doctor’s office where medical duress was rampant. Meet me where the death threats assaulted you and where they hoped your children die. You know the dark places too well.

Dark places make it hard to see who is there. Some I know simply because I’ve battled beside them so long; I know the sounds of their hearts beating. Others are new to me, but they brought their coal.

Meet me in the dark places. Soot is our war paint. Love is our strength. Hope fans the flame.

The fight is fueled. Light the fire. Come and Take It.

Please take a moment to read the article in its entirety (and the comments added) @ https://www.texansforvaccinechoice.com/online/dark-places/.

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