Boise Weekly Mocks Children Citizens Respond with Peaceful Protest

Boise Weekly Mocks Children Citizens Respond with Peaceful Protest

Boise Weekly publishes cartoons to mock families who refuse vaccines after vaccine injury including death. The egregious cartoon printed in Boise Weekly has inspired citizen activism.

Health Freedom Advocates Respond to Hateful Publication by Protesting peacefully, Educating Correctly!

Years ago, it seemed to be a genuinely interesting, ALTERNATIVE publication.  A real alternative to mainstream media.  Regardless of whether one agreed with it or not, the articles were often worth reading.  That quit being the case MANY years ago.

Boise Weekly cares NOTHING about the truth; all they care about is advancing particular agendas and stirring up people to further their readership.  That is very plain.

Do very many people read the paper today?  I don’t unless I’m stuck somewhere without anything to read and desperate for anything.  Then, I may pick up a copy and check it out–but it’s seldom the least bit interesting anymore.

5 Minute Activist – Call the Editor & Illustrator

FACEBOOK POST BY HFI: December 19 from
Executive Director Miste Karlfeldt

Did you see what Boise Weekly printed today? 😳

👉Please take a moment out of your day to either call and/or email Boise Weekly and let them know your thoughts on this cartoon. Maybe they need some scientific data or educated on the risks of vaccines?

✅Remember to be polite. Journalists are doing their best to paint us as unhinged and aggressive. We don’t want to feed that narrative.

✅Where there is a risk there MUST be a choice!

✅Contact info:

🤓The cartoonist is Jen Sorensen.
To contact Jen you can email her:

🤓Harrison Barry, with Boise Weekly, approved this cartoon.

🤓HFI Director Miste Gardner-Karlfeldt’s recap of her call with Boise Weekly.

Protest of Boise Weekly by parents of vaccine-injured children.

As Boise Weekly mocks parents of vaccine-injured children, citizens rally with a peaceful protest with fact-based signs. Response from the public was primarily positive.

Several freedom groups and individual citizens rallied together to protest at the Boise Weekly office downtown.

Boise Weekly Claims Vandalism

Boise Weekly posted on Instagram that someone in Idaho who claims to want medical freedom decided to tag/graffiti the windows at the Boise Weekly office in downtown Boise. The tag happened prior to the planned peaceful demonstration and on a street that has obvious cameras. The post was made on Instagram and instantly caught the attention of 100’s of readers. However, the graffiti was cleaned by the afternoon and was not seen by any of the citizen participants in the peaceful protest.

Many individuals believe the graffiti was a publicity stunt by the publication itself.

HFI does NOT condone this action.

Ashley Everly stated it best,

This (graffiti vandalism) is *completely unacceptable* and only serves to make this fight even harder for all of us. When I saw that cartoon I was shaking mad. So angry. But this is NOT the way we should respond.

Thinking of acting like this? Just don’t.
You don’t get respect by being disrespectful.

Yes, the people who hate us will *never* respect us.
But the people on the fence are WATCHING.

HFI fully denounces this kind of action.
Health Freedom Idaho is not a part of *illegal, hateful, property damage * at all.”

In the end, Boise Weekly got EXACTLY what they hoped for, more visibility, more readership, more discrimination of families who chose to protect their children from further vaccine damage.

On a positive note, Boise Weekly’s action benefited the health freedom community drawing together health freedom advocates from a variety of groups, with short notice. Its this unity of voice that is necessary to overcome the oppressive and hateful tactics of mainstream media.

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