Boxed Mac N Cheese Contaminated With Harmful Chemicals

Boxed Mac N Cheese Contaminated With Harmful Chemicals

HFI: It is CRITICAL to our children’s health to know what’s in our children’s food! The USDA approves of and encourages the use of boxed mac n cheese in the school and daycare food programs. Busy moms grab boxes from the shelves and whip up a ‘kid-friendly’ meal that is loaded with hormone disrupting chemicals.

From KRON San Francisco: 

Two million boxes of macaroni and cheese are sold every day here in the United States.

But could serving up one of America’s favorite comfort foods be exposing you to harmful chemicals?

The tried and true box of mac n cheese you feed your kids could be downright dangerous. The problem is in the powder.

And it’s across the board in all types of the packaged stuff.

Lab tests of 10 different varieties of macaroni and cheese have revealed toxic industrial chemicals known as phthalates.

Those are hormone-disrupting chemicals that can affect developing brains and alter thyroid function and sex hormones.

Now, DEHP, that’s the most widely banned phthalate around the world, was found in all 10 of the mac and cheese powders tested. 

Outraged? You should be! Read the report and sign the petition at

It’s urging mac n cheese makers to eliminate any and all phthalates.

The good news is that there are healthier alternatives. You might have to make from scratch.

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