CBS Miami: WHO ends Zika public health emergency | Health Nut News

November 18, 2016 the World Health Organization QUIETLY announced that Zika was no longer a global health emergency, instead acknowledging that Zika is here to stay (as it has been for decades). Since spring, the infection has been linked to severe birth defects (including microcephaly) in almost 30 countries. However, they still feel that complications from the virus are a significant public health challenge and therefore require intense action.

So after million of acres and homes, people were sprayed with a known neurotoxin Naled- the name brand being Dibrom- which is morbid spelled backward. This neurotoxin already had a proven the link the spray has to microcephaly and birth defects.
Add to that the fact that Naled and malathione threaten the lives of over 95% of endangered wildlife? I think we lost way more than the bees.

Zika is not the birth defect culprit. It's the chemicals they were using in Brazil that are banned in most other countries...
Think about who profited from this "threat"??

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