Cell Phones Harm our Cells and Can Trigger Chronic Disease

Cell Phones Harm our Cells and Can Trigger Chronic Disease

Dr. Mercola discusses in this video about whether cellphone exposure causes brain tumors may be counterproductive. 

The primary pathology behind cellphone damage is not related specifically to brain tumors, or even to cancer. Instead, the real danger lies in damage from the reactive nitrogen species peroxynitrites. Increased peroxynitrites from cellphone exposure will damage your mitochondria.

Read the in-depth data about cell phone risk at Mercola.com. Excerpts from the article below. 

Disease or disorder Increase since 1990

Disease or disorder: Chronic fatigue syndrome

Increase since 1990: 11027 percent

Disease or disorder: Bipolar disease in youth

Increase since 1990: 10833 percent

Disease or disorder: Fibromyalgia

Increase since 1990: 7727 percent

Disease or disorder: Autism

Increase since 1990: 2094 percent

Disease or disorder: Celiac disease

Increase since 1990: 1111 percent

Disease or disorder: ADHD

Increase since 1990: 819 percent

Disease or disorder: Lupus

Increase since 1990: 787 percent

Disease or disorder: Hypothyroidism

Increase since 1990: 702 percent

Disease or disorder: Osteoarthritis

Increase since 1990: 449 percent

Disease or disorder: Sleep Apnea

Increase since 1990: 430 percent

Disease or disorder: Diabetes

Increase since 1990: 305 percent

Disease or disorder: Alzheimer’s disease

Increase since 1990: 299 percent

Disease or disorder: Depression

Increase since 1990: 280 percent

Protect Yourself and Your Family From Long-Term Health Damage

While cellphone use is ubiquitous, and there’s no turning back now, there are strategies you can use to protect yourself from RF radiation emitted from these devices. Remember, your cellphone, portable phone, Wi-Fi router and modem are the primary devices in your home emitting microwave radiation consistently.

To protect yourself and your family, get in the habit of using these strategies regularly. Cell damage builds over time. It may feel safe to use your devices as you always have since you don’t experience the health effects immediately, but it definitely is not.

Keep the phone away from your head

Consider moving your cellphone away from your head when it’s turned on or the Wi-Fi, data or Bluetooth are enabled. You may do this by using a selfie-stick, speaking on the speaker phone or using a headset. Short conversations and texting more than talking also reduce your exposure.

Increase your distance from RF-emitting devices

The closer the device, the more radiation you absorb. Find a way to transport your phone other than you pants pocket or bra, and avoid keeping your phone and tablets in your bedroom while you’re sleeping.

Turn off your Wi-Fi routers

When they aren’t in use, such as at night, turn your Wi-Fi, modem and cellphone off. Many routers can be linked with an inexpensive remote, making the process simple and easy.

Spices may reduce damage

Researchers have discovered certain spices may help prevent or repair damage from peroxynitrites.47,48 Spices rich in phenolics, specifically cloves, rosemary, turmeric, cinnamon and ginger root exhibited some protective capacity against peroxynitrite-induced damage.

However, while this is good news, it is not a reason to ignore strategies that reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation, since your home is not the only place you are at risk. Any public venue that hosts Wi-Fi or has a cellular tower nearby increases your exposure to microwave radiation.

Some of the most important steps I cannot report on yet as I am in the process of evaluating shielding EMF remediation strategies, such as Faraday canopies for beds and EMF-shielding paint. Once I complete my analysis I will report on it. One thing I am certain of, though, is that the hundreds, or more likely thousands, of devices that you can attach to your phone do nothing to reduce this radiation exposure. They fail miserably in blocking this energy.

They may have some biological benefit in mediating the way this energy interacts with your body, but I would not delude myself into believing this is sufficient and fail to adopt the proactive protective measures described above.

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