Censorship’s Effect on Health Freedom Idaho

Censorship’s Effect on Health Freedom Idaho

“The more they silence us, the more people want to hear what we have to say!” Their censorship only tells us that we are being effective and that information needs to be heard!

Facebook has said, “We’re committed to fighting the spread of false news on Facebook. ” Anything you say that goes against the narrative will be considered false news, even if that information is documented and backed up from the CDC and FDA websites. Recently Health Freedom Idaho has been targeted by Facebook ‘fact-checking’ censors.

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Since 2017, Facebook has been targeting alternative health pages that do not buy into the mainstream content popular on conventional news outlets. This comment is against the background that several Facebook employees were former staff of CNN and NBC, among others.

In February 2019 the Washington Times reported,

“Company executives told Bloomberg News that they’re considering cutting from their pages any news that undercuts vaccinations — meaning, anyone who disagrees with the government about the need to vaccinate kids will see one of their key platforms completely shuttered.”

“Anti-vaccination,” censoring free speech and limiting info on vaccines.

Do you VALUE informed consent? Do you want access to resources that tell you the missing – information? Do you desire to spread truth, statistics, facts to allow people to make their own choices on topics of such great importance? On Facebook, you are promised to be silenced. Information you share will be marked with a sign such as the one below. They want you to know that they consider it false news and ask “Are you sure you want to share it?” And then they let you know even if you do share it, the information will not show up on the newsfeeds of friends or associates.

Will Health Freedom Idaho’s Facebook Page Disappear?

Not according to Facebook’s Business Publisher Guide instead, we will fade away as they remove the ability for our posts to be seen. That’s the official story, however, there are alternative health groups that have disappeared without warning and the opportunity to retrieve the information posted. Even last night, health-related pages were deleted without warning.

We know that our reach has been reduced by 43% consistently. Our web traffic has decreased by more than 70%. The same amount of effort reaching half the amount of people.

Facebook Censorship tied to Profit?

Del Bigtree shares some important motivations for Facebook’s censorship:

Let’s put some pieces together: Facebook will censor you if you speak ‘wrongly’ about a product with known potential dangers, produced by a historically-questionable industry. Plus, Facebook is attempting to funnel users directly to pharmaceutical product distribution centers within their cities.

In November 2019, Facebook rolled out a new feature called Preventive Health. Via this downloadable add-on, Facebook will proactively suggest users get flu shots during flu season, and will direct users to federally qualified locations nearby that offer flu shots. 

Perpetual revenue streams secured. Marketing risk mitigated through censorship and legislation. No legal blowback. The perfect business model for increasing its 6 billion in profits.

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Censorship Spans All Social Media and Search Engines

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