Central Health Demands Small Biz Hire Enforcers

Central Health Demands Small Biz Hire Enforcers

There is a lot to loathe about the CDH revised orders that will be voted on this Tuesday.

This is a disgusting violation of rights on so many levels. I would like to draw your attention to the 2 I have circled in red.

Hey small businesses owners of bars and nightclubs 🗣 are you prepared to hire security especially in this market where you are working harder than ever just to keep your doors open❓

Now take a look at #12. If we don’t comply with this tyranny, including paying someone to enforce these draconian measures purposed by the board, then we can be fined or imprisoned. 😡

Is this what you signed up for as an entrepreneur?

Did you hope that one day you could pay someone to be the enforcers of tyranny? As an entrepreneur myself, this is NOT what I signed up for. This must not be tolerated.

Show up on Tues at 5:15 pm at CDH. Bring your noisemakers and your friends. Contact the small business owners in Ada, Boise, Elmore, and Valley counties and educate them about how this will impact them if allowed to pass.

Email the board and let them know that you expect them to vote NO on this order that puts an undue burden on small businesses.

Emails must be received by Mon at 5:15 pm so don’t delay.


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