Child, Student and the Power of Words

I would like to bring to your attention a glaring issue related to changing the word CHILD to STUDENT in the IDAPA rules.

Remember, vaccines are actually REQUIRED to attend school in Idaho but the legislators respected our right to be exempt when they made the law. Because of statute 38-4802 we can file an exemption.

The vaccine exemption statute and the rule refer to the CHILD. STUDENT is undefined and can mean age 18 and up. If the student is 18 or older, it looks to me that STUDENT will not be eligible for the exemption.…/Title39/T39CH48/SECT39-4802/

Then consider this change with the meningitis mandate bill. If the meningitis vaccine mandate passes, 12th graders that are 18 and older won’t have exemptions available to them. Will they not be allowed to graduate if they don’t get the meningitis vaccine?

It is not an appropriate function of government to mandate treatments.

Essentially 7 people voted to do this for our entire state -that’s why the executive branch loves their rules process . 

Citizens should figure out that the rules process circumvents them & that it’s a complete over stepping of authority of the executive branch. These bureaucrats are appointed and serve at the pleasure of the’s the LEGISLATIVE branch that’s suppose to make laws. Not just merely vote to push some red tape agencies agenda through.

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