Families Rise Up Under Threat that Colorado Will Remove Vaccine Exemptions

In Colorado, a potential bill to remove all vaccine exemptions is being considered by Democratic Representative Kyle Mullica.  The news spread far and wide as the Representative turned what was to be a private afternoon meeting with Phil Silberman, and other board members of the Colorado Health Choice Alliance, into a public meeting at the last minute. The Representative found himself meeting with more than 250 adults who packed several meeting rooms in the Capitol to participate in a public discussion on vaccine exemptions. Given only sixty minutes, the panel of experts concisely explained to the Representative the importance of medical choice to the families of the state.

Phil Silberman started the conversation. Del Bigtree did most of the introduction "vaccine education" sitting directly in front of Mullica. When he asked if Mullica knew of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, the Representative responded that he did not. Del informed him. He covered everything we all know about vaccine injury--no safety studies, no double-blind placebo testing, VAERS, and how we have the sickest kids in the world. He covered it all and covered it well. Theresa Wrangham from NVIC spoke state specific data. Next Pam Long spoke to Kyle about her personal vaccine story, her son's vaccine injury, her time in the Army and her experience with military vaccines. Phil went next and talked about Boulder school district stats and his family story. 

The point was made clearly that philosophical exemptions are necessary to cover families who are unable to get a medical exemption. When one child in the family suffers a vaccine injury, parents stop vaccinating siblings because having the same genetics could potentially cause them to suffer similar vaccine reactions.

Representative Mullica didn't answer questions but shared that a bill hasn't been drafted yet, saying he was there to hear from parents. He spent the time listening and taking notes fast and furiously and ended up with FIVE pages. Del Bigtree, in a live update afterward, said he felt they were heard, however, "We have to see where this takes us."

A few parents were given an opportunity to speak and each had a different perspective and valid point to make. Many in the audience were moved to tears by family testimony. Everyone was extremely professional. The health freedom movement was well represented today!!

Should a bill be introduced in the legislature, we don't have enough legislators who favor medical choice to stop it. It is IMPERATIVE that those who want to protect and preserve health freedom in Colorado join forces NOW! Please do not take this as a win prematurely, if this bill does get dropped, we need 10 times the amount of people to show up and be prepared to stay late! Even until midnight.
It is prudent for everyone to get involved and stay involved. Complacency is not our friend. If you are in Colorado, contact Colorado Health Choice Alliance on the website or at facebook

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