Community Immunity

Many don't realize that as a country we have NEVER been ANYWHERE close to herd immunity through vaccination. Less than half of the adults in this country are vaccinated. Which is nowhere near Herd Immunity thresholds. Consider though, even though our community vaccination rates are closer to 65% we aren't experiencing the 100,000's of cases of 'vaccine-preventable' epidemics of disease outbreaks (and death) in our country. Perhaps the whole 'community immunity' is a marketing gimmick designed to scare people into vaccinating their children with liability free medical products that profit the industry billions of dollars annually.  

What, exactly, is "Community Immunity"?

JB Handley describes it like this: 

"Community Immunity" is the term du jour and an apparently more palatable synonym for the oft-invoked concept of Herd Immunity, the idea that unless enough people are vaccinated against a certain disease, everyone is at risk. Find the right doctor to come on TV, and they'll be happy to explain the magic of vaccine-derived Herd Immunity, and what a scientific process it really is, according to them. Fall below Ms. Pisani's 95% vaccination rate number in her infographic? We return to the Dark Ages! 

There's just one problem with the Community/Herd Immunity math and the shaming and pressure that goes along with it: we've never come close to achieving "Herd Immunity" through vaccination, and we never will. In order for Herd Immunity to be a real thing, you need two things to be true (and neither have ever been):

1. Adult vaccination rates would also have to be very high, just like rates for children. They aren't the CDC interactive map shows that clearly.

Over half of adults are NON-VACCINATED! We’ve been going to churches, schools, parks, and swimming pools for years with non-vaccinated people and yet somehow we are all still alive! 

The CDC requires that the schools track vaccination rates at kindergarten, first grade and seventh grade. Have you really thought about the school-specific vaccination rate argument. It is really absurd.

Vaccination Rates: 1985

No one can believe this chart when they first see it. They demand to see the data source. The CDC has it here's the link.

We only gave three vaccines in 1985.

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