Comparing Vaccines to Seat belts

The difference between a seat belt and a vaccine is this: You put a seat belt on, then you take it off. We know that wearing a seat belt and having an airbag, putting a child in a car seat gives better protection than driving or riding without. WE KNOW THIS. All these safety devices go ON the body. A vaccine goes IN your body, and you don’t get to remove it at the end of the ride. A vaccine is invasive, it breaks the first line of defense in the remarkable human immune system too, bypassing the skin and going straight into the body. Filled with known carcinogens and neuro toxins it may or may not cause injury immediate, delayed or life-long injury. 

A seat belt is an easy fix for traffic fatalities. What are vaccines a fix for?

Natural Immunity is Best Human immunity, when properly supported, is phenomenal and robust. Man-made immunity is temporary, partial, and until someone receives the vaccine, the question of injury cannot be answered.A loving and responsible parent has to examine the possible risks against the possible benefits. 

With seatbelts, that’s a no brainer. 

But with vaccines, it isn’t so cut and dry as they would have you believe. And mandating that one parent risk the injury of their child to protect another parent’s child from injury is simply unconscionable.

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I'd chuck that car seat clean into a dumpster fire so no one else could use it, which is exactly where vaccines belong. - Elda Mur


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