Hospital Violates Right of Vaccine Exemption for Sick Kids

Hospital Violates Right of Vaccine Exemption for Sick Kids

Is a major children’s hospital now denying treatment to un vaccinated or under vaccinated children? According to this letter, effective November 1st, the clinic will no longer accept patients who are unvaccinated or on an alternative vaccine schedule or those with religious exemptions. Did you know that as of January 2018, federal protections were put in place that are designed to keep hospitals, facilities and care programs from this form of discrimination!  

FAMILIES WHO ARE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST CAN FILE A COMPLAINT. This hospital has the potential of losing the federal funding if they violate an individual’s right of exemption to vaccines for religious or moral conscience. 

*This new division of HHS ensures that all vaccine coercion at a state level is stopped from a federal level.  

Catch Up or Else

This hospital is denying treatment to sick children demanding that they get caught up on their vaccines. They give 90-days notice to those currently out of compliance to rectify the situation. Have you seen the CDC catch up schedule? 

“The CDC has just launched a program that will calculate a catch-up schedule for children who were not vaccinated on schedule. A 5-year-old child who was not previously vaccinated would be required to receive 19 vaccines in one month, including 6 doses of aluminum-containing injections! This catch-up schedule was NOT tested for safety to determine the immediate or long-term risk of neurological or immunological damage.” (own emphasis)

Following the links provided by Miller, it appears that the CDC table of vaccinations required in their catch-up program had been approved by the following organizations:

Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices – (

American Academy of Pediatrics – (

 American Academy of Family Physicians – (

 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists – (

HFI wants to know: How is it that Hospitals and Doctors can discriminate against patient’s religious beliefs while being protected by their own? 

Vaccines were created on the bodies of aborted babies and contain human DNA, created using pig, cow, and other animal parts and contain animal DNA. Injecting these types of human/animal products into the body is against many religious tenants and personal beliefs. In 2018 the HHS just created a department to PROTECT the religious beliefs of Doctors so they can discriminate against patients?

aborted fetal DNA:

aborted cow DNA:…/…/QuestionsaboutVaccines/ucm143521.htm

porcine (pig), dog, monkey and other animal material:…/human-vaccines-produced-with-animal…/

HHS Religious Protection for Healthcare workers:…/hhs-ocr-announces-new-conscience-and-…  

Vaccine Exemptions on the basis of religious or philosophical grounds is NOW PROTECTED by HHS! 

If an entity (hospital, healthcare facility, etc..) receives any federal funding through HHS but does not allow an individual the right to a religious or moral exemption from vaccine requirements, it is considered discrimination and a violation of personal rights and therefore subject to investigation by the federal government.

Employees, clients, consumers who use a facility that is supported in part by federal funds MUST have access to vaccine exemptions.
If you are denied these exemptions you have the right to file a complaint of conscience. 

What is the consequence to the employer who forces vaccines and participates in moral/religious discrimination?

An entity receiving federal funding through HHS has the potential of losing the federal funding if they violate an individual’s right of exemption to vaccines for religious or moral conscience. This is an opening to ensure that all vaccine coercion at a state level is stopped from a federal level.  

Are you a family that was denied access to care by a facility (this or another) from an agency or entity that receives federal funding from Health and Human Services?

Clients & Consumers Seeking Access to Shelter

  • denied entry into a facility serving persons with disabilities or group home

Clients & Consumers Access to Programs

  • Headstart program
  • Developmental Disability Programs
  • Foster care Licensing

Clients & Consumers Denied Care

  • Denied care or discriminated against in a hospital, 
  • Denied care at health care provider office or inpatient or outpatient healthcare facilities

How to File a Conscience Complaint

You can file a complaint online or via mail, fax, or e-mail. Learn more about how to file a complaint with OCR.

LEARN MORE as Health Freedom Idaho hosts an informational seminar December 1st online and in person. *This event is for ANY PERSON/FAMILY denied access to healthcare resources, employment, services specifically due to their religious, moral conscience opposition to vaccines. 


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