COVID-19 RESPONSE: People Request that the Legislature Reconvenes

COVID-19 RESPONSE: People Request that the Legislature Reconvenes

Those who acquire the COVID-19 virus have a more than 97.5% recovery rate (typical to the annual flu). The same can’t be said for the 77,000 individuals in Idaho who have filed for unemployment and the 1000’s of Self Employed Individuals who are left without income due to the actions of the Governor in response to the 41 deaths reported from the COVID-19 virus. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of onions and potatoes are being dumped and wasted by Idaho Farmers, leaving them without profit and our state without their food. And yet, Governor has announced today that this #stayhome order will continue through the end of the month.

People are beginning to acknowledge that his response is inappropriate for our economy and our state’s well-being and are asking, “What can we do?” CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS IMMEDIATELY!

Idaho’s Constitution makes provision for the Legislators to convene with a simple majority. At this crucial time when Idaho is suffering under the decisions of our Governor and the bureaucrats of the Health Department,
We the People request that our representatives come together and speak on our behalf.

Here’s an example letter:

“Idaho Legislator: Please consider coming together to discuss the Governor’s actions as a body. The executive branch should not be making these decisions without calling the people’s representatives to a seat at this decision-making table. Idaho Constitution Article 3 Section 8 does not preclude the Legislature from convening, and Article 3 Section 10 describes that a simple majority of each house constitutes a quorum.

While the Governor may declare an emergency, he may not amend and suspend sections of code without Legislative input.

We the people of Idaho kindly ask you to immediately reach out to House and Senate leadership and to convene as a body immediately.

The people MUST have a voice during this crucial time when Idahoans’ lives and businesses are being destroyed. Please do not delay.”

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