Crazy Mothers Know Why

Crazy Mothers Know Why

Hillary Simpson, the mother of a vaccine injured child, starts off her emotional diatribe on Facebook by saying, “I know what happened to my little boy.” Simpson’s emotionally charged plea for a little more understanding from those who choose to bully parents of vaccine injured children, rather than attempt to connect and understand them, is the ire of Simpson’s disgust. She’s calling for change, but more than that, she’s giving a huge piece of her mind to anyone who will listen (and so far, that happens to be a heck of a lot of people according to her Facebook view stats that had already inflated to almost 80k.  at the time of this article’s publishing). So many of our readers are NOT on facebook and may not have seen this video shared here from a youtube upload. 

“Mothers are strong and capable and resilient. We are strong enough to admit our mistake and even stronger still to forgive ourselves… though that may take awhile. We are capable of thorough researching order to help our children get better…and so many of them do. And we are resilient because WE MUST BE. Our children need us now more than ever as we have officially created the first generation that is sicker than the one before. 

Sickness. What do people do when they get sick. As a child, as a teen, as a young adult and even when they have kids themselves. They go ask their mother. And yet, they call us crazy mothers….like it’s a bad thing.”

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