Cured from Cancer with food and meditation. 12 years later still cancer free.

In 2005, Kathy Bero was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and given about 21 months to live. At the time she was 41 years old, had two young daughters and wasn’t ready to die so she went the traditional route with surgery, chemo, and radiation. But the disease came back.

She said, “Eleven months after my first diagnosis, I was diagnosed with a high-grade tumor in my head and neck. My kidneys were failing; my liver was failing. My lungs were damaged. My heart was damaged. I told my oncologist that I’m done with that protocol because one way or another, I’m going to die. And I don’t want to go that way.”1

And so, thanks to a suggestion from a friend, she took a different route: anti-angiogenic foods. “It isn’t really about eating healthy. It’s about eating specific foods that fight disease,” she said. 2 And now researchers at Harvard University are going to study her path to see if it can help others. (HINT: Yes, it can.)

What anti-angiogenic foods do is block the creation of blood vessels, effectually stopping the spread of cancer…it’s like cutting off cancer’s growth supply line. Examples of anti-angiogenic foods are organic vegetables like purple potatoes, carrots, leeks, berries, walnuts, green tea, herbs, and especially garlic. For Bero, garlic is a favorite, “When a recipe calls for two cloves, I’m probably going to put in six because garlic is a really strong cancer fighter.” 3

Bero believes that her diet and a combination of Reiki, meditation, and visualization worked. And today, more than 12 years after her first diagnosis she’s cancer-free and works as a cancer coach.


Learn more about the power of food:

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