Detoxing: Starting the Day Right.

Detoxing: Starting the Day Right.

What we do in the morning sets the tone for the whole day. And if you’ve ever overslept, you know exactly how true this statement is. Mornings can be rough; it’s easy to rely on sugar and caffeine to energize you, which only wreaks havoc on your digestive system and exacerbates fluctuating energy levels and moods. If you’ve ever wanted a do-over before 9 a.m., start your day right—and keep it on the right track—with these 3 simple morning drinks to detox your body naturally each and every day. Regularly detoxing is beneficial to your health in the long run. Saves you money, too. A pound of prevention is definitely worth far more than a ton of cure.

3 detoxing jump starting drinks

Green Tea. 

here’s a loose leaf organic variety

Filled with endless anti-oxidants, vitamins, and general goodness, it has become a staple part of many gym-goers and health-conscious people’s diets.

Some of the features of Green tea include:

  • Helps burn fat: The anti-oxidant features of the tea help speed up your metabolic rate, resulting in energy being burned, even when not active.
  • Improves immunity: Fights against flu and colds.
  • Super medicine: There have been reports that it can prevent and guard against certain cancers, arthritis, and diabetes.
  • Re-hydrates: Going against common beliefs that tea dehydrates you, green tea has been found to have similar re-hydration effects to our old friend H2O.
  • Neurological: Has been shown to prevent degenerative and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Japanese Matcha Tea

Drinking one cup of Matcha tea is equal to 10 cups of green tea, talk about nutritional. Here’s a nice matcha tea powder that can be added to smoothies in the summer or made into a latte with favorite warmed milk.

Matcha tea is incredibly popular in Japan and is now becoming widely recognized throughout the world for its ability to aid in detox plans and regimes. Some of the key benefits of Matcha tea include:

  • Prevents cancer with its high levels of anti-oxidants named catechins, which seek out and find dangerous free radicals within your body.
  • Prevents heart disease by lowering LDL cholesterol, or the bad type.
  • Helps in burning fat by increasing thermogensis from 8 – 10% to 35 – 43%.
  • Contains 5 times more L-theanine, an amino acid which helps with neurological activities, than standard green tea.

Lemon, Pepper & Ginger Water

  • Lemon juice and cayenne pepper are both immune boosters; the extra vitamin C helps your immune system cope when you’re stressed
  • They’re also natural detoxifiers; lemon helps stimulate the liver to remove toxins and cayenne helps your body sweat them out
  • Lemons aid digestion and can help soothe indigestion
  • Lemon also helps fight hunger and sugar cravings
  • Cayenne pepper improves blood and lymphatic circulation so your cells get more nutrients
  • Lemon is packed with antioxidants that keep your skin healthy
  • Lemon water can help fight gingivitis and keep your breath fresh
  • If you’re trying to cut caffeine in the morning, a mug of hot lemon water can help you wean off
  • Lemon water can help your body beat viral infections like strep throat
  • Lemons have been shown to calming to the body; drinking lemon water can help ease anxiety and depression


  • Glass of water, or mug of hot water
  • 1/2 lemon
  • Dash cayenne pepper
  • A few chopped ginger slices (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon honey (optional)


  1. Squeeze half of a lemon and add a dash of cayenne pepper to your water and stir. Add in ginger and honey if desired.

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