Digital Marketing Platform Mailchimp Bans Anti-Vaccination Content

Digital Marketing Platform Mailchimp Bans Anti-Vaccination Content

Digital marketer Mailchimp has removed several health freedom groups from its platform forcing some without access to their membership databases for a period of time. These independent freedom minded groups who pay for membership to the service and have permission from the recipients to receive the emails, will no longer be allowed to use Mailchimp as a form of email contact.

This block follows a revelation that Mailchimp has partnered with the CDC. 

Mailchimp has said they are actively screening ALL accounts for anything that resembles liberty in your healthcare decisions! The company began quietly enforcing this decision last week shutting down access to groups such as Wyoming Health Freedom and Colorado Alliance for Vaccine Choice.

This is an attempt to silence those who call for independently verified science, who point out the proven harmful effects of vaccines on individuals and demand freedom from vaccine mandates. If they had truth and science on their side they wouldn’t need to resort to censorship.

Earlier in 2019, Amazon pulled ‘anti-vaccination’ documentaries from its Prime Video service and several books from its marketplace. Facebook began to stop advertising and is using ‘fact-checking’ as a form of censorship to reduce the visibility of medically proven and science backed vaccine information shared on its platform. See the ‘fact check’ propaganda reveal by Ashley Everly. 

YouTube also disabled advertising on “anti-vaccination” videos and lowered in ranking “health misinformation” content in its search results. Pinterest has blocked all vaccine-related search results. Even Etsy has shut down shops of only those who speak against vaccine. Those who produce items that are clearly hate speech exist on the platform. 

NBC tells the public that these forms of censorship and violations of speech “have come as a shock to anti-vaccination advocates who for years were served well by recommendation algorithms that boosted controversial and conspiratorial content, such as the underlying and discredited notion that vaccines cause autism, a unifying theory for anti-vaccination groups.”

The spread of truth and information started to strengthen with the advent of social media. It surged to massive proportions with the initiation of school mandates in California in 2015 and continues to spread even in the midst of this ‘outbreak of censorship.’
Could this be because the truth is on the side of those who question vaccine safety? 

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Health Freedom Idaho has already moved to a new platform and our readers, subscribers are encouraged to sign up and stay informed. 

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