District Health Votes AGAINST Mask Mandate

District Health Votes AGAINST Mask Mandate

Its been quite a week for the Southwest Public Health District. They attempted to hold a public meeting, without the public. Canceling meetings twice due to the turn out of individuals who wanted to attend, the Health District settled on hosting their public meeting at the courthouse to allow space for the people. They also provided public access with a live-streamed video and recorded the event for those in surrounding areas who were unable to attend in person.

Several weeks ago, neighboring Ada county’s health district implemented a mask mandate. Concerned local citizens of Canyon, Gem and Owyee realized that it was likely this would be on the agenda for Southwest Health District.

Several organizations reached out to their members to contact the county commissioners who sit on the health district board.

There were 1500 comments received by District Health more than half were against a mask mandate.

Thankfully the Commissioners voted AGAINST a mask mandate for Canyon, Payette, Owyee, Gem, Washington and Adams Counties.

This means that private business owners will not be burdened with enforcing a mask mandate under the threat of license removal. The police and city council in other counties have stated that A MASK MANDATE IS UNENFORCEABLE.

Masks are recommended not mandated.

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