Don’t California My Idaho

Don’t California My Idaho

Our hearts break for our friends in CA. 💔
They have given everything they have to the fight against SB276 which was signed into law today by a corrupt governor.

Shared from California. Their vaccine mandate bill that removes almost all medical exemptions passed the House today. The legislators voted to “ignore their rules” requiring a bill to be read 3 times. ”They called a “suspension of rules”. In the dark, the assembly heard SB276 and passed. Amendments added via another bill, they tore through the Assembly, and Senate will hear the bill, then rapidly signed by the governor. Segregation, degrading and demonizing our children. We are In distress #America!

Yesterday in California, a bill went from
through committee
to the Assembly Floor
to the Senate Floor
to the Governor, who signed it

In 8 hours
Without a SINGLE public hearing.
Despite THOUSANDS of constituents outside waiting their turn to speak, demanding the bill be stopped.

55,000 medically fragile California school children will not be able to go back to school after next year.

Children who have already suffered from these pharmaceutical products.

Children who have lost a sibling or family member from these pharmaceutical products.

Children who are immunocompromised and can’t tolerate those pharmaceutical products.

Children who are genetically immunocompromised and cannot tolerate these pharmaceutical products.

Now, any doctor who dares listen to his patients about their children having an adverse reaction will be persecuted, penalized, and investigated for writing more than 5 medical waivers.

No doctor will be willing to help his patients with adverse reactions to vaccines now.

Every single doctor who has ever tried to help his patients with vaccine adverse reactions prior to this draconian new law, is already being investigated and scrutinized as it is.

SB276 makes a parent put their child through near death before they are granted a waiver, and it would only be good for 1 vaccine. So that child would still have to get all other vaccines including new ones (new ones are regularly added to the schedule).

KCRA Reports on the Protests at the California State Capitol <VIDEO>

With the passage of this bill, not even a Doctor can excuse a child from an injection that they feel may harm them. California parents have lost their ability to follow a doctor’s advice about vaccination.
A state bureaucrat is now in charge of that decision. And if they say no, the child will be forced out of school.

With the passage of SB 276 medical vaccine exemptions essentially no longer exist.

No Fraudulent Medical Exemptions were Found

The bill was written in the premise that fraudulent vaccine exemptions were being written. Some report that of the 4000 exemptions reviewed. The primary co-author of the bill confirmed that ZERO medical exemptions were found fraudulent.

Z E R O!

Pharma puppet is looking to vilify any doctor who writes medical exemptions- essentially stripping them away from medically fragile children. He is claiming “fake medical exemptions hurt kids”, all while there is 🚨NO EMERGENCY🚨. There is zero proof that the low amount of children who utilize a medical exemption because ❗️GASP❗️they actually qualify for one are a threat to others. This is the government interfering with the doctor-patient relationship and punishing doctors for doing what is in the best interest of their patients. California doctors will not write medical exemptions for children now for fear of backlash.

“Under California’s SB276 your child would have to experience anaphylactic shock- a life-threatening reaction- to every vaccine, 8 times to qualify for a medical exemption.”

Parents are now faced with the decision to homeschool their children or leave the state of California in order to protect their children from mandated medical assault.

above comment via Mary Elizabeth is with Denise Marie.

It’s NOT about Herd Immunity

This is NOT about achieving herd immunity in order to protect the vulnerable… I have had people contact me saying that even when their child or a family member suffered IMMEDIATE life-threatening reactions to vaccines, that doctors STILL had “no idea” what was going on, and don’t consider the vaccines as the cause.

All pharmaceutical products can harm people in at least some cases. It’s foolish to believe that is not true for vaccines.

This is about forcing EVERYONE to vaccinate, regardless of their health, regardless of being vaccine injured, regardless of if you lost a child to vaccines already.

Herd immunity was based on a concept that only a percentage of individuals in a population (60% or even less) had to contract the infection for others to be protected…

Vaccines cannot and never will allow us to attain herd immunity and California will continue to have outbreaks despite their goal of 100% vaccination rates in schools.


SB 276 is a clear example of government overreach, resulting in the unnecessary and inefficient use of taxpayer dollars. Since SB 277 eliminated both personal belief and religious exemptions (47 other states allow either or both), vaccination rates increased from 92.9 to 94.8 percent. Currently, less than 1 percent of California kindergartners have a permanent medical exemption. In addition, 96.6 percent of kindergartners have had the MMR to protect against the measles infection.

Mary Holland Esq

Who’s Next?

They will come for adults next, with more and more boosters.

But just so you know, more frequent boosters actually have been found to = less effectiveness, and the sicker and older you are, the less your immune system will respond appropriately to vaccines. 

They don’t care, they will vaccinate you anyway!!

– Ashley Everly

Health Freedom Warriors WILL NOT STOP!

I am so emotional today following what’s happening in Sacramento. My heart is breaking for them. California was my home. I know our time here in Idaho will come. The pharmaceutical industry has a stronghold on this nation. If you are leaving California in search of medical freedom, please get in touch with Health Freedom Idaho. We are working to gather a strong group of warriors who are willing to make the sacrifices needed to insure what happened back home, WILL NEVER happen here.

Freedom must be protected at all costs. Keep your head up, keep educating, and keep fighting. This movement has come so far in just a few short years. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made. They may win this battle, but we will win this war.

– Shalee via Facebook

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