#Eliminate Glyphosate Start Local

#EliminateGlyphosate My First Action Step. I wasn't really planning on doing anything as my week has been crazy busy. But, an opportunity presented itself as I drove home today to find my street being sprayed with a 'weed killer' along the sidewalks and in the street cracks. I stopped the gentleman who had a golf cart and two large tanks of chemicals. He was applying it with a hand wand.

I asked him HOW DO I STOP THIS!? He recognized I was worried and saw the van full of kids. "My son has sensitivities to chemicals I don't want this sprayed near my yard." He was very kind and said just post a sign, "NO SPRAY ZONE". He already did my house but he wouldn't spray my property next time.

I didn't want to be around the chemical tanks with the kids in car so I drove home to call the city. Ron from the Street Department called me back promptly. He's been with the department since the 80's and they have always sprayed weed killer. 
No, they don't alert the public and they spray twice a year. 
Yes, they use RoundUp. When I expressed my concerns about its new label as a carcinogen, he responded  "Oh, that's California not Idaho". My response was "Oh, but the World Health Organization also labels it as a carcinogen. Cancer is an issue in Idaho as much as it is in California. Since 1 in 3 people get cancer it seems we should find an alternative chemical to get rid of weeds?" 

It was a productive conversation. I finished the conversation with the question, "Since you said, you can't stop spraying for weeds, how do we change the chemicals being use?"

I was told to find a product that is the equivalent to Round Up in effectiveness and cost and he would research it and be willing to approach the supervisors to make a change. 

I promised him that I, a mom of a sick kid, will research and find some alternative products for their use -because its that important to me. Not just for my kids sake, but for those workers being exposed to the chemicals in large concentrations, and the families that aren't even aware that their children's health issues are stemming from the constant chemical exposure and their bodies unable to detox like the rest of us.

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