EMF Radiation Exposure. Its More Than Just Wireless Phones.

EMF Radiation Exposure. Its More Than Just Wireless Phones.

Health Freedom Idaho and Eric Brandt of “Be EMF Safe” screened the movie Generation Zapped last week. Many still do not realize that they’re chronically exposed to something that can deteriorate their health, and, unless it’s identified and re mediated, can lead to premature death—an exposure that is completely invisible, tasteless, and odorless. The exposure that’s being referred to is electromagnetic fields, or EMF. Within the last fifteen years, wireless technology has become ubiquitous, increasing the EMFs and radiation beyond what would be considered “natural.” The radiation that transmits data is very different than “natural” EMFs. The data transmission wavelengths are of random forms and transmit at rapid, varied frequencies. It appears as if these forms and frequencies may be harmful to human and animal health. HFI thanks Eric Brandt for sharing this great resource about technologies that emit radiation and the levels of risk they pose to the health of our family members. 

There are many different types of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that are harmful to our health, but the kind that poses the biggest danger to us is microwave radiation (MR). Most electronic devices that communicate wirelessly do so by emitting MR. As more and more technology develops, the amount of MR we are being exposed to is increasing dramatically. The wireless industry gets away with this because the power emitted by these technologies is non-ionizing, meaning it does not cause direct DNA damage. However, MR exposure can cause many different health problems not related to direct DNA damage, including:

  • Mitochondria dysfunction1
  • Decreased testosterone levels2
  • Lower bone-density in the pelvis on the side of the pocket where people keep their cell phone3
  • An increase in antibiotic resistance of bacteria (the bacteria feel threatened)4
  • An increase in mercury vapor output from amalgam dental fillings5
  • Dysfunction of the vitamin D receptor6
  • An increase in intracellular calcium levels and resulting oxidative stress7
  • Cellular dehydration 
  • Interference with alpha brain waves from the pulse rate of WIFI (10 hertz)

There are a few important factors to consider when trying to reduce exposure to MR. The most important factor is distance: exposure levels decrease logarithmically over distance, which means that even moving a few feet away can reduce exposure by 90%. This is why reducing exposures in your home can make a big difference, even if your neighbors are blasting signals all around you. Thankfully, many exposures in the home can be eliminated and replaced with safer options. Reducing MR levels in your home can sound like an overwhelming task, but many of the solutions are easy and free or inexpensive. Let’s look at some of the most important exposures in the home:


Microwave Ovens:

No surprise here, microwave ovens are the most powerful source of microwave radiation in your home. The metal mesh on the oven door is supposed to be a faraday cage (a shield used to block or enclose EMFs) that contains the microwaves, but it is unbelievable how much they leak. While the amount that leaks is not enough to cook your skin, it is still close to 40 times more than a cell phone. There is typically a separate switch for the microwave in your home’s breaker that can be turned off. Microwave ovens can easily be swapped for a steam convection oven. Countertop versions generally cost a few hundred dollars.

Cordless Phones:

Aside from microwaves, these are one of the largest exposures to MR in the home. The main port transmits a signal to the other ports constantly, 24 hours a day. Cordless phones can be easily swapped for older corded phones.

Smart Meters:

Cities across the country are switching from analog electricity meters to wireless meters. The electricity companies claim that smart meters only emit for a total of a few minutes a day, which is true, but these few minutes are pulsed every few seconds over 24 hours. Some smart meters can be better or worse depending on the manufacturer. There are options to opt out of smart meters, but this is not always easy, so if you are forced to have a smart meter, you can shield it. The smart meter guards that can be purchased online are not recommended because they shield radiation going away from the house, which can actually reflect it back inside. To stop EMFs from being reflected into your house, you want the shielding to be between the meter and your home. An inexpensive way to do this is to put multiple layers of aluminum foil on the wall, but there are also shielded paints and cloths that can be used. Older analog meters can also be purchased online, and some people swap out their smart meter themselves, though this can be dangerous and the legality of it is questionable.

 WIFI Routers:

Wireless internet has two problems: they are way overpowered, which is why you can pick up your neighbor’s signals, and they have a pulse rate of 10 times per second, which can interfere with alpha brain waves. The best option is to turn off the wireless signal and use hardwired internet only. Some routers have a manual switch to turn off the wireless signal, but most of the time you have to turn it off through the website of your internet provider (make sure to turn off WIFI on your computer as well, as it emits MR even if not connected to a signal). The main issue with hardwired internet is that you are limited to the length of your Ethernet cable as to where you can use it, and installing Ethernet ports in your home can be expensive. Powerline adapters can transmit the signal through the wiring in your home through standard electrical outlets. These create dirty electricity which is another kind of EMF that is a concern, but is still the lesser evil compared to WIFI. 

If you are unable to use hardwired internet, there are still other ways to reduce your exposure.  One way is to turn it off at night when you are not using it. Some routers can also be programmed to a schedule, but the most common way to turn it off is to use a Christmas light timer. During the day, there are shielded bags that you can put around the router that can reduce the power of the signal by up to 90%. Because routers are so overpowered, there will still be enough signal to function with the bag on. Newer eco-WIFI routers are now available, and they allow you to adjust the power and pulse rate.

Cell phones:

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to avoid using a cell phone, however, there are ways to consciously use a cellphone that limits your exposure. Again, distance is important: holding your phone away from your body, using speaker phone or an air tube headset will greatly reduce exposure in comparison to holding it to your ear. Duration of exposure is also important. Limiting the duration of phone calls, and using texting instead when you can will reduce exposures. When not in use, turn your phone off or in airplane mode. Never have your phone on in your pocket, especially if you ever plan to have children. Sperm counts are rapidly dropping, and research has shown that it is at least in part due to MR8.  Beyond just the EMF exposure, more and more research is showing how smartphone addiction can seriously harm your brain.

Smart Home Technology: 

Newer homes are shifting towards having everything controlled by your smartphone or voice control. This wireless technology is completely unnecessary. It takes seconds to get up and turn of a light switch, close blinds, or adjust a thermostat. People don’t move enough as it is, and smart technology is making us lazier. Smart home devices like the Amazon Echo not only generate MR, but are also surveillance devices that monitor conversations to send personalized advertisments. Security systems also operate wirelessly, though there are probably ways to hardwire them.

 Other Sources: 

Baby monitors create wireless radiation, and children are more susceptible to MR in general. There are corded baby monitors available, so this solution is simple. Many other devices like video game consoles and video streaming boxes also connect to the internet wirelessly. These can be hardwired to Ethernet, but even when hardwired, they still sometimes emit a signal searching for WIFI that cannot be turned off. The shielded bags for WIFI routers can also be used on these devices. Sometimes you can take them apart and physically remove the wireless transmitter, but the easiest option is to unplug them when not in use.

There are other sources of MR that are out of your control. Depending on where you live, shielding may be needed. For example, living near a cell tower or other source of MR can be mitigated with shielding. The most important time of day to be protected is during sleep. Fully enclosed MR shielding sleep canopies that go around your bed are a popular option, and they can greatly reduce MR levels. Many people notice improved sleep from using a canopy.

It is impossible to avoid all exposures to MR, but another way to protect against exposures out of your control is through antioxidants. The main mechanism of how MR creates health problems is through oxidative damage, so consuming antioxidants can counteract some of this damage. There is research showing that propolis and rosemary can protect against radiation damage. Olive leaf extract has been shown to protect rats.9 It is likely that many other antioxidants can also offer protection. Molecular hydrogen has been shown to be one of the most powerful antioxidants, and is available in tablets that can be added to water.

There are also a number of pendants, cell phone stickers, crystals, and other items that are said to protect from MR. Watch out for these items, as none of them actually reduce levels of MR, and this can be confirmed with an EMR meter. Wireless devices use MR to communicate, and if a cellphone sticker actually lowered MR levels, the phone wouldn’t work. The theory behind these items is that they “harmonize” the signal to neutralize it. It is possible that this could work, but as of right now there is no substantial evidence that it does. There is really no risk from using these items, so buy them if you wish. However, don’t let them give you a false sense of security. Don’t think it is OK to constantly use wireless technology because you have a magic sticker or pendant, because in reality, these are probably doing absolutely nothing to protect you. Focusing on reducing and eliminating exposures should be first and foremost, with harmonizers as an afterthought.

Written By:
By Bryant Rubright


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