END the Emergency Order and Restore Freedom in Idaho

END the Emergency Order and Restore Freedom in Idaho

 We have good news from the Idaho State Capitol. It is being reported that the House and Senate floors were fully open to the people. There was no social distancing, mask requirement, or taped off chairs. Good work! 🙌

Please send a ‘thank you’ and ask that they continue to make the people’s house open to the public, as it should be.👏👏👏

The senate promised you during the special session that they would END Brad Little’s the State Of Emergency.
Here are the details of the Governor’s 300-day emergency orders.
🗣NOW is the time to hold them accountable to that promise.🎯

House Emails

Senate Emails

30+ Legislators are working on protecting freedom, restoring liberty in our state. SUPPORT THEM! “Ask your legislator for a copy of the agenda. If your legislator says they don’t know what it is…tell them they ‘missed the boat and they need to be on it!” – Rep Ron NateWhat does this have to do with health freedom? See the third line from the bottom!!

Hear the whole press conference

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