Enter to Win: A Day of Detox - Like Spring Cleaning for the Gut

Enter to win one of the many Boise Natural Health Symposium door prizes. This inaugural event will include speaking sessions by local health experts, exhibits by Idaho businesses and practitioners, and interactive demonstrations such as healthy food preparation. 

Thanks to David DeHaas a naturopathic health coach and founder of Living Waters Wellness for sponsoring this giveaway! 

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Living Water Cleanse:

David DeHaas is a naturopathic health coach and founder of Living Waters Wellness.

We promote personal health through integrating a balanced lifestyle, quiet thinking, and healthy rejuvenation of body and soul.  In this way we support our clients through the emotional and physical growth that our 10 Day Cleanse has to offer.

By empowering and educating you about preventative and holistic health, we hope to positively affect your life and the lives of your loved ones. You'll learn about colonics, colon health, and how to find and eat the best nutritional foods.The relief you'll experience as you eliminate constipation, digestive issues, and irritable bowel symptoms will be tremendous. We will help you get back on the right path of personal well being.

We offer additional therapies such as: Liver Cleanses, Intestinal Parasite Cleanses, Gallbladder Cleanses and HCG weight loss.  We will guide you through the maze of nutritional supplements help you discover what works best for YOU. 

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