Facebook Fact Check Equals Manipulated Masses

Facebook Fact Check Equals Manipulated Masses

Facebook is not only censoring information, they are replacing it with blatant lies created and manipulated to replace factual, objective, honest data. HFI ENCOURAGES our readers to fact-check for themselves. We have included medical journals and scientific resources that clearly contradict the censorship of ‘Facebook Fact-Checkers’.

You know they’re trying to manipulate the masses and keep people believing BLATANT LIES, when they’re putting so much effort into censorship. – Ashley Everly

Current data shows that vaccines are safe and do not cause toxicity or encephalopathy…except when you look at medical journals and vaccine inserts.

Acute encephalopathy following TDAP vaccination:


Acute encephalopathy followed by permanent brain injury or death associated with further attenuated measles vaccines:


HHS Vaccine Injury Table:


The FDA links to actual manufacturer’s vaccine inserts: https://www.fda.gov/vaccines-blood-biologics/vaccines/vaccines-licensed-use-united-states

Other resources for your ‘fact-checking’ research: 


 The denial is getting stronger every day. Like the cigarette companies once did. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3490543/

HFI isn’t going to last much longer on Facebook – we are already in an echo chamber. 11,000 people follow our page less than several hundred see our posts.  Don’t trust FACEBOOK for your facts! Explore the internet. Use DuckDuckgo for your search engine – you find resources that google hides. 

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