Flu Shot NEVER Licensed For Use During Pregnancy

Flu Shot NEVER Licensed For Use During Pregnancy

The #FDA admits it has never licensed any influenza vaccine for use by pregnant women and does not have a single clinical trial supporting the safety of this practice. 

The CDC widely and vigorously promotes that all pregnant women receive an influenza vaccine. The state health departments amplify that promotion on their websites, offices and clinics. 

ICAN, therefore, submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the FDA, requesting copies of the clinical trials it relied upon when licensing any influenza vaccine for use in pregnant women. When the FDA failed to respond to this request an appeal, and lawsuit, ensued. In the end, as seen from the document which ended the lawsuit, it is clear the FDA has not licensed any influenza vaccine as an indicated use for pregnant women, let alone conducted or required any pharmaceutical company to conduct any clinical trial which supports the safety of injecting pregnant women with the #flushot

You can view the document here.

This lapse in safety is astonishing given HHS’s statutory obligation to ensure the safety of vaccines used by all Americans, especially the most vulnerable among us, pregnant women and unborn babies. 

In fact, vaccine manufacturers request that doctors register pregnant patients in their database so they can track the outcome and chart vaccine reactions. Pregnant moms and their unborn babies are the TEST SUBJECTS.

Manufacturers have effective immunity from liability for injuries caused by vaccines. It is for this reason congress made the US Department of Health and Human Services, including its agencies such as the CDC and FDA, singularly responsible for the safety of vaccinations. This responsibility demands, under federal law 42 U.S.C. § 300aa-27, that HHS and its agencies assure that only safe vaccines are licensed.

Here in Idaho, the Idaho Health Department promotes these untested vaccines by injecting them into pregnant women.

Is this upsetting to you? Then join us as a member, donor, 5-minute activist, or sign up as a member on this website. Join thousands of others who don’t accept pregnant woman, pre-born babies and children being injected with untested vaccines that the real-world data has proven that they are indeed not safe. 

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