Get Your Kids To Eat: Celery

Get Your Kids To Eat: Celery
Ever heard of phytonutrients? They are what makes celery stand out among other raw greens. Phytonutrients are an antioxidant that help prevent damage done to body fat and blood vessel walls. This may not sound important, but to put it in common terms blood vessel damage leads to many of the diseases we see today. Be sure to use strong fruit to balance out the potent flavor of the celery stalks and/or leaves.
Some love it, some can’t stand it. 
Our family discovered that if you de-string celery, many kids will come around. Its that gag reflex with a celery string hits the back of your throat that causes the aversion to celery. 
De-stringing celery turns into a game which makes eating food a bit more fun. Here is how to de-string your celery:
  • A simple pop and pull technique. 
  • Snap the top portion of the celery stalk. 
  • Take the cut piece and gently peel the strings away from the celery rib. As you pull the strings, it will release down the whole rib of celery.

If you do not get all of the strings with the first pull, take a knife and gently lift a string from the end. Once you get an end sticking up, you can pull that string all the way down the rib of celery.

There you have it – string-free celery for the whole family to enjoy!

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