Flu Shots at Golden Globes Over the Top Propaganda

Apparently the Golden Globes thought it would be humorous to do a sketch that involved administering flu vaccines to audience members. The actors were unaware of the stunt and caught off guard as individuals in white coats marched out to "mass vaccinate" the audience. Was it a test to see which members would 'comply'? While the syringes were fake, the response was telling. It was bizarre, disjointed and disturbing. This just goes to show how closely connected the pharma propaganda is connected with Hollywood on the vaccine issue. Clearly they don't respect informed consent, since they think it's a funny concept to jab audience members without informing them of the the abysmal efficacy rate of the flu shot, never mind the associated possible adverse reactions. And evidently they don't have issues being insensitive to television viewers who have suffered or who have family members who have suffered significant adverse events, or death, related to the flu vaccine. 100,000 people responded to the post on Facebook regarding this stunt. 

Texans for Vaccine Choice made this point: “Real or fake” is not the issue here. The issue is the attitude with which this is being portrayed.

Vaccines, like any other medication and medical procedure, are not without risk. By insisting patrons either got a vaccine or placed a napkin on their head and be labeled anti-vaxxers, you opened them up to ridicule and slander despite not knowing their individual medical history. 

Sandra said: Using celebrities to promote their agenda... it's propaganda. This is a little over the top though, flu shots at awards show??? 
Actors being put on the spot for a mass vaccination without consent with coercion of peer pressure. WOW! Talk about being 'kept in line'. 

Melissa said:  Horrifying. Desperate. Not funny. Low level "programming".

Miste said: On average 19 million Americans watch the golden globes. Think of all of the impressionable children, teens, young adults watching vaccines be handed out like water at an event and it’s cute or funny. I’m horrified.

Dani's post: People with needles, you’d hope were actual Medical Professionals coming out to give Flu Shots. How Sanitary is it to get a shot from an exposed needle from someone in a white coat that you have no idea who they are or where it came from or even what’s in the needle? And if you really believe in the flu shot propaganda you would’ve gotten it in October. So if you decline couldn’t it be because you already got it? Instead though...It was extremely uncomfortable and not funny. Andy Samburg “If there are any Anti-Vaxxers in the audience, put a napkin on your head and they’ll skip you.” Thoughts on this stunt? If you feel strongly enough, feel free to contact the Golden Globes. https://www.goldenglobes.com/contact-us

Sarah said: This is how scared the system is. They are pushing flu shots at the Golden Globes. Many people find this crazy... I find it exciting! It means we are that much closer to the truth being exposed! 

Brittany commented: It’s a psyop AND a message from the Cabal all rolled into one! 

  1. Programming” at its finest!! Let us see it and put it in our consciousness, the idea of mass vaccinations....via surprise visits in large groups. No medical privacy, no consent. Unsafe conditions. And ummmmm, Poison! 
  2. Coercion the Elite/Cabal are sending a message to their Hollywood celebrity Comrades and fellow Satanists in the audience that they better stay in line or they will have to be like the rest of us sheep and get forced vaccinations.
  3. Distraction to get us talking about this all week, so people don’t find out military tribunals started last week.

Adele commented

I guess it's too big to ignore, we're at the laugh and fight you stages:
First they ignore you

Then they laugh at you
Then they fight you
Then you win

What does this stunt prove? Are we 'winning'? It reeks of desperation after the expose from SHARYL ATTKISSON 

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