Gut Cleansing

The mystery demystified. Our clients experience miracles after cleansing and healing the gut, David DeHaas, of Living Waters Wellness Center, in Boise, shares with HFI. 

He first heard of colon hydrotherapy in 1990, it wasn’t until 1996 that he actually tried it. Sick intermittently for many years prior to his first treatment, DeHaas who later become a naturopathic health coach and colon hydrotherapist, suffered from allergies, asthma, fatigue, muscle pain, psoriasis, candida, fungus, heavy metal toxicity and cancer. Although he’d tried various natural healing modalities, DeHaas never fully healed.

“By the time that someone recommended colon hydrotherapy, I was desperate to get better, so I tried it. Because I had no clue what it was and thought it sounded invasive and weird, I was surprised by how easy and comfortable the private process was. After I did many sessions, my health improved dramatically. I felt younger and lighter. Also, I didn’t ache anymore, my skin cleared up and I was able to think clearly,” he says.

Always excited at the opportunity to tell clients about the many benefits from deeply cleansing the colon, the body’s main passageway for eliminating toxins, DeHaas enthuses, “I let people know that if they are sick, their colon isn’t working properly.”

Through knowledge gained from years of experience in the health industry and working as a colon hydrotherapist, DeHaas has developed a life-changing, 10-day deep tissue cleansing processes which combines natural healing modalities, including far-infrared therapy, pulse frequency, herbs, lymph detox, sound therapy, light therapy, and mind mapping. “The process gives our clients the tools to drastically improve their health in just 10 days. We’ve witnessed our own family members heal life-threatening illnesses with this deep tissue cleanse,” he says.

When asked why you can’t do a cleanse by juicing, fasting or taking a product, DeHaas responded, “ Juicing and fasting gives your digestive system a rest, but the body won’t be cleansed. Think of a refrigerator with old rotting food in it. You can’t get it clean by putting clean food in it. You need to clean out the refrigerator first then fill it with clean food.”

When questioned about why the program lasts for 10 days, DeHaas explains, “It takes 10 days of cleansing to clean out the intestinal tract and tissues. In addition, you are doing a parasite, lymph, kidney and pancreas cleanse, as well as clearing out negative thoughts, emotions and toxic energy.”

The gut is recognized as the body’s second brain. Every organ and appendage in the body is connected via nerves to the intestine. There are more neurons in the intestinal tract than in the spine. If those neurons aren’t firing, there is an imbalance in the body. Rotting fecal matter in the small intestine covers up the villi and deteriorates the microbiome. Villi are small finger-like projections of tissue which increase the surface area of the intestine and contain specialized cells that transport substances into the bloodstream. Although these villi do not aid in the digestion of nutrients, they do help with nutrient absorption.

To improve health, the cells have to heal. Picture the cells as the body’s engine. Over time, the engine breaks down and needs new parts. “Vitamins, minerals and herbs are the ‘parts’ for the cells,” clarifies DeHaas, who notes that if the intestinal tract is toxic, the parts can’t be absorbed into bloodstream for delivery to cells. Moreover, if the liver is toxic, it can’t clean the blood, which is the transportation highway to the cells.

“Ours is a simple healing formula. Clean the colon, small intestine and blood, and transfer perfect nutrients to the cells,” declares DeHaas.

Living Waters Wellness Center is located at 855 S. Curtis Rd., in Boise. To make an appointment, call 208-378-9911. For more information, visit

This article was published by Natural Awakening Magazine  pick up your free copy at your local library or health practitioner

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